Ed Kelce is a celebrity father who is famous today because both of his sons,  Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are worldwide famous footballers. This is not all about Ed Kelce that is interesting. If you want to know all about him, read the article further.

Here, we will talk about his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, age, earnings, and other details.

Personal life 

With the fact that Ed Kelce is a celebrity father, not a celebrity himself, no information is available about his personal life. Whether it is the name of his parents or date of birth, everything is a complete secret to the public. The only confirmed thing about the early life details of Ed Kelce is his nationality and it is American.

Speaking of the love life of Ed Kelce, he was married to Donna Kelce. The couple remained together for almost 25 years before parting their ways. What was the reason for their separation is still not known to the public and they themselves never talked about that.

Parents and siblings

Like the early life details of Ed Kelce, his family background details are also a mystery to the public. Not only Ed Kelce but his celebrity sons also never talked about their grandparents. This is the reason that the names of the parents of Ed Kelce remain a complete secret.


Though Ed Kelce is a divorcee today, he definitely had a long and happy married life. He became the father of two famous kids through this marriage and their names are Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, who both are renowned footballers today and hold successful football careers.

Education and profession 

You are unlikely to get any information about the education and profession of Ed Kelce because he himself never revealed any information about it. Other than him, his famous sons also never opened their lips regarding this matter.

Reason for the popularity of Ed Kelce 

Hands down, the only reason for the popularity of Ed Kelce is his sons, Travis Kelce and  Jason Kelce, who both are successful footballers and have achieved a giant level of success in their respective careers. Ed Kelce is sometimes seen with his sons and this helps him to become a popular face among the crowd.

Net worth of Ed Kelce

With the fact that no information is available about the earnings and professions of Ed Kelce, his net worth is not known to the public either. However, we do believe that Ed Kelce must have had a prestigious profession because he provided his sons with a great upbringing.

At the moment, he is living a luxurious life because both of his sons are rich personalities and have earned huge amounts of money. As of 2023, Travis Kelce has around 20 million, while Jason Kelce, is the proud owner of around 40 million.


What can be more prideful for a father to see both of his sons achieving such huge success in their respective careers. No doubt Ed Kelce is today a prideful father.