Eliahu Jordan Schultz is an analyst at Yahoo Incorporation and is best known as the son of Howard Schultz, Starbucks’s interim chief executive officer. He was born in 1986 in New York City to Howard Schultz and Sheri Kerch Schultz. We’ll further provide you with more details about him in this article, so don’t skip any information and stick to the article until the end.

Net Worth of Eliahu Jordan Schultz

His estimated net worth is unknown; however, he shares his father’s enormous wealth since he just gave him $4.6 million as a wedding gift in a luxurious penthouse.

Education of Eliahu Jordan Schultz

We don’t have any information about his education since he never found it appropriate to share it with the media. However, we’ll still try to get more details.

Career Details of Eliahu Jordan Schultz

Former NBA player who spent time at Occidental College and Seattle University, he played basketball professionally for a few seasons. Now he works at Yahoo Incorporation as an analyst. His father, American entrepreneur and novelist Howard Schultz was Starbucks’ chairman and CEO. He remained in Michigan and worked at a ski resort for a year after graduating. The Swedish cookware firm PAI Partners hired him in 1979 to be the general manager of its American subsidiary, Hammarplast. After that, he accepted a position as a salesman for Xerox in New York City.

At Hammarplast, Schultz was in charge of the company’s U.S. activities. In 1981, he flew to Seattle, Washington, to fulfill orders for plastic cone filters at Starbucks Coffee Company. Three of Schultz’s published books contain business memoir-style narratives. Beginning in 2019, Schultz offered an online course on the MasterClass platform that covered the business leadership subjects mentioned in his books. Warren Bennis, an organizational expert, has impacted Schultz’s writing.

Married Life of Eliahu Jordan Schultz

In a private Jewish wedding ceremony held in New York in September 2011, Eliahu Jordan Schultz married Breanna Schultz. They have been a couple for more than 20 years. They are blessed with a son and a daughter, but their children’s names and professions are kept a secret.

Family Background of Eliahu Jordan Schultz

As we’ve already discussed his father’s career, let’s read about his family history. Eliahu’s mother, Sheri Kersch Schultz, co-founded the Schultz Family Foundation. She co-founded it with his husband in 1996. Sheri, a diligent volunteer and long-time advocate dedicated to improving young people’s lives saw early on in her work creating the Foundation how a disjointed system of social supports was failing to reach individuals who were motivated but unable to escape homelessness or poverty or to improve their lives.

Eliahu’s aunt, Ronnie Schultz, is an analyst, while his uncle, Michael Schultz, is an assistant professor of Sociology at Indiana University. His grandfather, Fred Schultz, is an Australian designer and entrepreneur in the tiny house movement. His grandmother’s name is Elaine Schultz; however, there is no information available about her.


Since the late 1980s, Howard Schultz has led Starbucks in anti-union activities. His son doesn’t enjoy being the subject of attention, even though his father is an ardent neoliberal, centrist, technocratic, and politically independent. Although his long history of accomplishments, Eliahu’s quiet personality prevented him from ever receiving much attention.