Frances Marie Martin was a celebrity spouse who is no longer alive but she is still popular because of her husband, Hal Linden, who is a famous television actor and director. Frances Marie Martin

enjoyed the stardom of her husband all through her life and was blessed with a happy married life as well.

Let us tell you all the information about Frances Marie Martin including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, death, and other details.

Personal life

Frances Marie Martin was born on 28 September 1927 in the USA to Emil Martin and Christine Concha Weber. This is all the information you can get about the early life of Frances Marie Martin. Apart from this, there is no information available about her childhood and early life.

If you talk about her love life, she got married to American actor Hal Linden in 1958. The couple had a happy and successful married life before Frances Marie Martin left the world in 2010. Frances Marie Martin died in July 2010 in the USA and left her husband alone.

Parents and siblings

Since not much information is available about the family background of Frances Marie Martin, you are unlikely to get much information about her parents other than their names. She was the darling daughter of Emil Martin and Christine Concha Weber. Not only Frances Marie Martin, but her celebrity husband also never talked about the parents and siblings of Frances Marie Martin.


The married life of Frances Marie Martin yielded her four kids and their names are Ian Martin Linden, Nora Kathryn Linden, Amelia Christine Linden, and Jennifer Dru Linden. Other than the names, nothing much is available about the kids of Frances Marie Martin.

Education and profession

With the fact that Frances Marie Martin was not very open about her personal life details, no information is available about her educational background. Coming to her profession, she was a professional dancer. Other than dancing, whether or not she used to do anything else is not confirmed.

Reason for the popularity of Frances Marie Martin

As you can expect, the only reason for the popularity of Frances Marie Martin is her husband, Hal Linden, who is a famous American singer and actor. Only because of her husband, Frances Marie Martin is popular even after her death.

Net worth of Frances Marie Martin 

Considering the fact that Frances Marie Martin was a professional dancer, it wouldn’t be wrong to estimate that she must have earned good money in her life. However, the exact figures of her net worth are not known to the public. If we talk about the net worth of her husband, Hal Linden, he is said to have 2 million, which he has amassed through his acting career.


Getting everything in your life is not possible for all people. They get something and lose something but the case is not the same with Frances Marie Martin. She was blessed with a perfectly balanced professional and personal life.