Monroe Jackson Thorp has gained media attention thanks to her parents. The young celebrity kid, born on March 9, 2020, is the daughter of Hallie Jackson, an American news correspondent for NBC News. When Monroe Jackson Thorp was born, Hallie’s colleagues mentioned it on television and congratulated her for the new addition to the family.

Monroe’s father is Frank Thorp, a producer and of-air reporter at NBC News. As the only child, Monroe Jackson Thorp is taken care of by her parents with a lot of love. She is yet to start her education since she is still too young.

About Her Mother

Monroe Jackson’s mother was born in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and studied at Pennsbury High School and John Hopkins University. After college, she started her journalism career at WBOC-TV, working in Maryland, Salisbury, and Dover, Delaware.

In 2012, Monroe Jackson’s mother joined Hearst Corporation, and she was their Washington D.C reporter. Two years later, Hallie Jackson joined NBC News as their journalist and reporter, and she covered Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. NBC named Monroe’s mother as its chief White House correspondent

Hallie Jackson started hosting Hallie Jackson NOW in November 2021; the show takes an hour and will be expanded to two hours in February 2023. Monroe’s mother has been honored and awarded several times for her exemplary media work. As a former member of their alma mater, she was invited to John Hopkins University to give remarks; in attendance were Michael Bloomberg, Anthony Fauci, and speaker Alexis Ohanian.

Her Mother’s Personal Life

When Monroe Jackson Thorp’s mother was a student at John Hopkins University, she met Doug Hitchner. The two started dating, and in 2010 they got engaged behind the cameras to avoid media attention. A year later, Hallie and Doug married in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, at an event attended by their family members and close friends.

Things got rocky between Monroe’s mother and Doug, and they had to separate after three years of marriage. The reasons for their divorce were never mentioned; they had no children together. After divorcing Doug Hitchner, Monroe’s mother kept a low profile on her romantic relationships; however, she met Frank Thorp while working at NBC and kickstarted their relationship.

Hallie Jackson and her partner Frank Thorp kept their relationship private until they announced they were expecting a child.

The Net Worth of Monroe Jackson’s Parents

Monroe’s mother has been a news reporter and journalist for over 15 years. Throughout that period, she has made a lot of money; her net worth is estimated to be 1 million dollars. Monroe Jackson’s father also made good fortune as a producer. With Monroe’s parents’ combined net worth, they can afford whatever life they want for their daughter.

Social Media

Monroe’s parents are active on social media platforms; however, most of their posts are work-related. For instance, her father likes tweeting about politics; Frank is also on Instagram and enjoys a huge following. Monroe Jackson’s mother is also on Instagram, where she occasionally posts pictures of her daughter.