Vivianne Rose Decker is a celebrity child who came into the limelight because of her parents. Vivianne was born into a celebrity couple, and because of her parents’ fame, people have been following her life.

Vivianne Rose Decker was born in 2015, barely a year after her parents entered into a marriage. Vivianne’s parents were very young but in the prime age of having children when they announced the good news on their social media handles.

Vivianne Rose Decker’s Siblings

Vivianne Rose is the eldest in her family, and she is proud and happy to have three siblings. Eric Thomas II is the second born, and he was born in September 2015. In October 2017, Vivianne’s parents announced the good news of expecting their third child.

Vivianne’s other sibling, Forrest Bradley, was born in March 2018. During one of the interviews, the famous singer disclosed that she was unsure if she wanted another child. Previously, she was sure she never wanted another child, but from the recent pressure that her children were requesting a baby sister, she was starting to doubt if she had finalized getting children.

It seems the pressure from Vivianne and her siblings was so intense that they convinced their parents they wanted another sister. On August 2023, Vivianne’s parents announced the good news that they were expecting their fourth baby. However, they never disclosed the baby’s gender.

Who is Vivianne Rose Decker’s Father?

Vivianne Rose’s father is a famous former NFL player, Eric Decker. Eric played in the National Football League for eight seasons, and she remained one of the most remembered footballers. While at the University of Minnesota, he played college football and baseball.

Vivianne’s father was a talented footballer, and he played four seasons with the Broncos. After that, he joined the New York Jets, where he played for three years before joining the Tennessee Titans for one season.

Eric Decker attended Rocori High School in Cold Spring, Minnesota, a school where a shooting took place. During the time of the shooting, Eric was present in school, and he hid inside a cupboard till he was rescued alongside other students.

During his years in school, Eric Decker was all-round and took part in various sports like baseball, football, and basketball. As a result, he was awarded all-conference and all-section honors for each sport.

Vivianne’s father announced his retirement from the NFL on August 26, 2018. It is believed that his career was cut short due to a surgery he underwent to repair his foot.

Who is Vivianne Rose Decker’s Mother?

Vivianne Rose Decker’s mother is called Jessica Rose James, a country pop singer. Vivianne’s mother started her singing career at a young age, although she had difficulties getting signed to a label.

After being rejected by rebels at fifteen years old, she began working with Carla Wallace of Big Yellow Dog Music. After releasing a song, she attracted Mercury Records, which offered her a recording contract.

Besides Vivianne’s mother being a singer, she is a reality TV star, where she features her husband, Eric Decker.