Roslyn A. Loveless, formerly known as Roslyn A. Markle, is a remarkable individual with a fascinating life story. Born October 30, 1945, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Roslyn has led a fulfilling life as a retired secretary and a mother. In this article, we will delve into Roslyn Markle’s background, her relationships, and her family tree. Join us as we explore the life and legacy of this incredible woman.

Early Life and Career

Roslyn Markle, born Roslyn Loveless, grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Little is known about her early life, but it is clear that she possessed the determination and work ethic that would shape her future. Roslyn embarked on a career as a secretary, utilizing her organizational skills and attention to detail to excel in her chosen profession.

Marriage and Children

In 1964, Roslyn Loveless married Thomas Markle, and they embarked on a journey together as husband and wife. Their union brought forth two children, Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr. Despite life’s challenges, Roslyn balanced her family commitments with her career, proving herself to be a strong and resilient woman.

Divorce and New Beginnings

Sadly, Roslyn and Thomas Markle’s marriage ended in 1975. However, this began a new chapter in Roslyn’s life. She reclaimed her maiden name, Loveless, and embraced the opportunities ahead. Roslyn’s strength and determination were evident as she navigated the complexities of single motherhood.

Roslyn’s Partnerships

In addition to her marriage to Thomas Markle, Roslyn Markle has had significant relationships throughout her life. One such partnership is with Daniel Lucero. While little information is available about their relationship, it is clear that they share a special bond. Roslyn’s ability to form meaningful connections demonstrates her capacity for love and companionship.

Roslyn’s Children

Roslyn Markle’s children, Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr. are integral to her life. Samantha, born in 1964, has carved her path and has become known for her outspoken nature. Thomas Markle Jr., born in 1966, made headlines with his public statements. Despite any challenges they may have faced, Roslyn’s love for her children is unwavering.

Roslyn’s Grandchildren

Roslyn Markle is also a proud grandmother to several grandchildren. Ashleigh Hale, Christopher Hale, Noel Rasmussen, Thomas Dooley, and Tyler Dooley are among the grandchildren who have brought joy to Roslyn’s life. The strong family bonds that Roslyn has fostered are a testament to her dedication as a mother and grandmother.

Family Tree and Ancestry

Exploring Roslyn Markle’s family tree and ancestry reveals a rich tapestry of connections and heritage. From her parents and grandparents to her extended family, each branch of Roslyn’s family tree provides a glimpse into her roots. Discovering one’s ancestry is a powerful way to understand and appreciate the legacy passed down through generations.


Roslyn Markle’s life is a testament to resilience, strength, and love. From her humble beginnings as a secretary to her role as a devoted mother and grandmother, Roslyn has left an indelible mark on those who know her. Her story inspires us all, reminding us of the power of determination and the importance of family.