Widely recognized as the daughter of American musician Tiny Tim, Tulip Victoria Khaury is a media personality from America. Not just the father of Tulip Victoria Khaury but her mother was also a renowned personality. Today, we will tell you everything about Tulip Victoria Khaury.

So, get into the details and find out all about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, siblings, children, love life, earnings, and other details.

Personal life

On 10th May 1971, American celebrity couple Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki embraced parenthood for the first time with the birth of Tulip Victoria Khaury. Like her parents, Tulip Victoria Khaury is also American.

Though Tulip Victoria Khaury is a celebrity child, she didn’t have a pleasant childhood because her parents separated when she was a little toddler.

If you talk about the personal life of Tulip Victoria Khaury she is believed to be a married woman today and the name of her husband is supposedly William Ervin Stewart. However, the information has not been confirmed by Tulip Victoria Khaury herself.

Parents and siblings

Tulip Victoria Khaury is the only child of her parents, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki, who got married in 1969. The marriage grabbed huge media attention because they married on National TV. However, it could not last long and they ended up with a divorce in just 4-5 years.

Unlike their personal life, their professional lives were quite successful. The father of Tulip Victoria Khaury was a successful musician while her mother is a former actress.


Tulip Victoria Khaury is said to be a mother of three kids at the moment. However, Tulip Victoria Khaury herself has not revealed any details about her married life and kids.

Education and profession

The educational background of Tulip Victoria Khaury is a mystery to the public. Neither she nor her parents ever revealed anything regarding that. With the fact that she is a celebrity child, it can be said that she must have received a good education in her life. If you talk about her profession, she is said to be a media personality.

Reason for the popularity of Tulip Victoria Khaury

Of course, the main reason for the popularity of Tulip Victoria Khaury is her parents, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki, who both are renowned personalities. They grabbed public attention not just because of their professional success but also their personal lives. This is the reason that Tulip Victoria Khaury also became famous.

Net worth of Tulip Victoria Khaury

With the fact that nothing much is available about the professional life of Tulip Victoria Khaury, her net worth is not confirmed.  Since she is a media personality, we can expect that she must be a millionaire today.

Other than that, she must have inherited a whopping amount of money of around 2 million that her father left behind when he died.


Tulip Victoria Khaury is the daughter of two renowned personalities, who were quite active in the media but she herself has chosen a life away from the glitter of the glamour world.