Fran Conlin is known thanks to his daughter Michaela Conlin, an American actress known for her role as Angela Montenegro on the television show Bones. Details of his early life are unknown, but he is of Irish descent.

Personal Life

Fran Conlin is married; he has been with his wife, Denise Conlin, for over four decades. It is unclear how the two met, but they married at a private wedding ceremony attended by friends and family. As a father, Fran Conlin always supported his daughter’s endeavors; he encouraged her to pursue her passion.

When his daughter Michaela showed an interest in acting, he supported her; he often showed up in school plays and community and regional productions.


Fran Conlin is a hardworking individual; he worked as a contractor, but it is unclear if he is still working or has already retired. He used the earnings from his work to support his family and give them a good life.

His Daughter

As aforementioned, Fran’s daughter began acting when she was young; after completing college, she continued her acting career. Among her first acting roles was in the documentary series The It Factor, which showcased the lives of young actors living in New York City.

Michaela landed her first major role in the series MDs, where she was portrayed as a young intern. After some time, she landed a role in the show The D.A., where she appeared as a political consultant. From 2005 to 2017, Fran’s daughter had a main role as Angela Montenegro in the television show Bones, a role for which she garnered national recognition.

Fran’s daughter’s other credits include Here and Now, where she played a minor role as Sharon. From 2018-2019, Michaela had a recurring role as Sarah Nguyen in the drama series Yellowstone. Michaela appeared on television and in films; her movie credits include Pipe Dream, Love the Hard Way, Enchanted, The Lincoln Lawyer, Bad Trip, and One True Loves.

His Daughter’s Net Worth

Fran Conlin’s daughter has made a good fortune over the years she has worked; Michaela has earned most of her wealth through her acting career; she has been in the acting industry for over a decade and was paid well for her appearance on the show Bones. Her net worth is estimated to be 4 million dollars. Given her worth, her family must live comfortably and enjoy life, especially her father, Fran Conlin.

Is Fran Conlin’s Daughter Married?

Regarding her personal life, no one knows if she is married, but she was in a romantic relationship with actor T.J. Thyn. She is a mother to two beautiful children; her first son was born in February 2019, and her second born was born in 2021.

Social Media

Fran Conlin is not active on social media platforms, but his daughter is; however, she rarely posts her family posts. Most of her posts are her pictures or are work-related. She does not post a lot, and she does not have a huge following like other celebrities.