Personal Information

Terri Vitale is a name synonymous with passion and dedication, forged in the crucible of family values and shared commitments. She is the eldest daughter of the renowned sports broadcaster, Dick Vitale. Alongside her younger sister, Sherri, the Vitale sisters form a close-knit family circle. The Vitale Triangle, as it’s affectionately known, is built on shared values, mutual love, and a common foe: cancer. Terri’s life story is one marked by unwavering devotion to a cause greater than herself, the battle against this formidable adversary.

The Vitale family has channeled their collective strength and determination into initiatives aimed at defeating cancer. The V Foundation, a cause near and dear to Dick Vitale’s heart, was established in memory of his close friend, Jim Valvano, who fell victim to cancer. The Dick Vitale Gala, an annual event in Sarasota, raises funds for pediatric cancer research. The inspiration for this initiative came from the Vitales’ personal encounter with the Wright family, who lost their beloved daughter, Payton, to the relentless grip of this disease.

With countless hours invested and millions of dollars raised, the Vitales have left an indelible mark on the fight against cancer. Their work is not just a testament to their commitment but also to the countless lives that may have been saved as a result.

Terri’s role in this endeavor is not just that of a daughter but a trusted lieutenant, working tirelessly to connect the dots of her father’s vision—a world with fewer cancer victims. Though she may not share the national microphone that has made her father an icon, she certainly shares his passion, drive, and sense of purpose.


Terri Vitale’s life is deeply intertwined with her family, her father Dick, her mother Lorraine, and her younger sister Sherri. They share a strong sense of familial unity and purpose. Yet, the most significant bond they all share is their unwavering commitment to fighting cancer. This shared mission has not only brought them closer but has also been a source of tremendous inspiration for their endeavors in the world of cancer research and advocacy.

Despite facing criticism and challenges from online trolls, Terri and her family stand together in their mission to create a world with fewer cancer victims. Their determination to make a difference and their support for one another are the pillars of strength upon which they’ve built their lives.


Terri’s professional life is less documented, as her primary focus has been on her family and their shared commitment to the battle against cancer. However, her dedication to the cause is unmistakable. Her work in the fight against cancer extends far beyond her professional life, and she has found purpose in raising awareness and funds to support pediatric cancer research.

A career path that might have started in the corporate world took a significant turn when she began working at Shands Hospital in Florida. Witnessing the hope and despair of children waiting for transplants and miracles transformed her understanding of the campaign she wanted to wage—the fight against cancer.

Net Worth

While specific details about Terri Vitale’s net worth are not readily available, the true value of her life is measured in the countless lives that her family’s work may have impacted. Their dedication to cancer research has been immeasurable, and the legacy of their efforts is a testament to their true wealth—of love, compassion, and a commitment to making the world a better place.

Terri Vitale’s life journey is one of devotion, shared purpose, and the unshakable bond of family. Her passion for fighting cancer is a reflection of her father’s relentless dedication, and she stands as a testament to the power of love, unity, and the belief that individuals can make a difference when they come together for a cause greater than themselves. The Vitales, led by Dick Vitale and his daughters, continue to inspire hope, raise funds, and advocate for cancer research, ensuring that their work reverberates beyond the sports arena and into the hearts of those affected by this formidable foe.