Personal Information

Sean Patrick Hannity, born on December 30, 1961, in New York City, New York, is a prominent American broadcast news analyst, conservative political commentator, talk show host, and author. He grew up in Franklin Square, Long Island, as the youngest of four siblings the only boy in the family. Hannity’s family had Irish roots, with all his grandparents immigrating to the United States. His mother, Lillian, worked as a stenographer and a corrections officer at a county jail, while his father, Hugh, was a World War II veteran and a family court officer.

In his youth, Hannity worked as a paperboy, delivering newspapers such as the New York Daily News and the Long Island Daily Press. Although his parents initially supported President John F. Kennedy, their political views gradually leaned towards the Republican side as time passed, even though they kept politics relatively low-key at home.

Hannity’s education took him to Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, New York, and St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary in Uniondale, New York. While he attended New York University and Adelphi University, he did not graduate from either institution.


Sean Hannity’s professional journey began in the early 1980s when he started a house painting business, and later, he worked as a building contractor in Santa Barbara, California. During this time, he hosted his first talk radio show in 1989 at the volunteer college station at UC Santa Barbara, KCSB-FM. While continuing as a general contractor, Hannity hosted this show for 40 hours of airtime. Reflecting on his early days in radio, he modestly admitted, “I wasn’t good at it. I was terrible.”

Hannity’s early radio career faced controversy and challenges. His weekly show on KCSB was canceled in less than a year due to contentious discussions about gay and lesbian rights during two episodes. The university board initially upheld this decision, but the Santa Barbara chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union defended Hannity’s First Amendment rights. The campaign led to the board reversing its decision, but when KCSB refused to issue Hannity a public apology and more airtime, he chose not to return to the station.

His career took a significant turn when he began working as a general contractor and volunteering as a talk show host at UC Santa Barbara. From there, he progressed to radio stations in Athens, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia, before joining WABC in New York until 2013. Since 2014, Hannity has been associated with WOR. In 1996, he co-hosted “Hannity & Colmes” on Fox News alongside Alan Colmes, but after Colmes’s departure in 2008, Hannity continued the show under the name “Hannity.”

Hannity is best known for hosting “The Sean Hannity Show,” a nationally syndicated talk radio program, and “Hannity,” a commentary program on Fox News since 2009. His influential career as a conservative political commentator has made him a leading figure in American media.

Net Worth

Now, Sean Hannity’s net worth is estimated at $300 million. His substantial wealth is a testament to his successful radio and television career and his status as a prolific author. Hannity’s influence in conservative political commentary has made him one of the most recognizable and well-compensated figures in American media.