The person today we are going to talk about is a dead personality but she is famous even after her death because she was the adopted daughter of American actress, Mia Farrow. Tam Farrow died at a young age and left her mother shattered.

Today, we will tell you everything about Tam Farrow including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life 

Tam Farrow was born in 1979 and was adopted by Tam Farrow in 1992 in Vietnam when she was 13 years old. Where Tam Farrow was exactly born and what her nationality was is still not known. After living a short life of just 21 years, Tam Farrow left the world in 2000. She died because of an overdose of certain medicines.

If you talk about the love life of Tam Farrow, we don’t think she had any romantic relationship in her life before she left the world because she was never spotted with any man and never talked about these matters either.

Parents and siblings

The names of the biological parents of Tam Farrow are not known. The name of her adoptive mother is Mia Farrow. Tam Farrow probably could not get the love of a father because her mother was a single mother when she adopted her. If you talk about the profession of her mother, you already know that she is a famous American actress.

As for the siblings of Tam Farrow, she had a number of siblings because her mother had adopted a bunch of children. The names of some of her siblings are Thaddeus Wilk Farrow, Lark Song, Kaeli-Sha Farrow, and Fletcher Previn.


Tam Farrow did not have any children. When she died, she was only 21 years old and this is, of course, not the age to have kids. At that time, she was aiming to make her career.

Education and profession

Like the early life details of Tam Farrow, there is nothing available about her education as well. Since she was 21 years old when she died, we can say that she would have been done with her graduation. As for her profession, we don’t think Tam Farrow would have started her professional journey when she died.

Reason for the popularity of Tam Farrow

The only reason for the popularity of Tam Farrow is her mother, Mia Farrow, who is not just a successful actress but also a wonderful human being.

Net worth of Tam Farrow

Since Tam Farrow died at the age of 21, she did not have any net worth because she was not professionally active at that time. However, it does not mean Tam Farrow lived an ordinary life. Being the daughter of an actress, she enjoyed all the luxury and comfort in her life. As of 2023, her mother, Mia Farrow, is expected to have 60 million.


The life story of Tam Farrow would have been something different if she was alive today. Unfortunately, she left the world too soon and could not make big in the world.