Ivan Lipkies is a director and producer mainly known for his work, such as Huapango in 2004 and Las delicias del poder in 1999. Ivan comes from a family of actors, and his exposure played a role in helping him become the reputable director he is. We will share all the details we have about him and his family. Let’s begin!

Ivan Lipkies Profile

We understand the curiosity you have to know who Ivan Lupkies is. Well, Ivan is a Mexican filmmaker, director, writer, and producer with over 30 years of experience. Ivan studied at The Texas Military Institute, after which he studied Psychology in Mexico. As for filmmaking, he attended The London Film School.

Many of us heard about Ivan Lipkies after his successful work in El correspomsal in 1991, Huapango in 2004, and La hija de Moctezuma in 2014. Ivan comes from a family of actors. His father is Julian de Meriche, and his mother is Maria Elena Velasco. He has a brother called Ivette Lipkies.

Ivan Lipkies Awards and Credits

Throughout his career, Ivan has managed to achieve different awards and credits, which has greatly helped to build his name and career. Ivan has ten credits under his name. The common ones include Huapango in 2001, filmed by Vlady Realizadores, La Hija de Moctezuma in 2013, filmed by Vlady Realizadores, Ay Maria in 1998, television by Televisa, etc.

As for Awards, Ivan has gained two main awards so far. He gained both awards in 2014. His first award is the “Diosas de Plata to Best Picture and Best Direction for Huapangoo.” The second award is the “Ariel to Best Adapted Screenplay for Huapango.”

Who are Ivan Lupkies Parents?

Ivan is the son of two successful actors. His mother is Maria Elena Velasco. She was born on December 17, 1940, in Puebla, Mexico. Maria has only been married to Ivan’s father from July 27, 1974, until her death on May 1, 2015, when she got stomach cancer.

Maria was regarded as the greatest Mexican comedian, especially after she created and played “La India Maria.” She is among the most decorated female movie characters in Mexican cinema. Her comedies achieved different milestones, including breaking box office records. Moreover, she has comic books and has recorded different albums.

Ivan’s father is Julian de Meriche. He was born in 1909. He was of Mexican nationality and popularly known as an actor for his best work in El Topo in 1970 and Operation 67 in 1967. Ivan’s father died on July 27, 1974, in Mexico City.

Net Worth

Ivan Lipkies focuses on his profession as a director, producer, and writer. From his profession, he has managed to create a decent income. For the many years he has been in the profession, he has amassed substantial wealth. As of 2023, Ivan Lupkies is estimated to be worth $100,000.

His net worth will keep growing based on the efforts he puts into his profession. Whenever we get new updates, we will share them to ensure you stay updated about his net worth.