In the third season of the television show “You,” Marienne Bellamy—who plays the title character’s love interest—becomes a significant character. She becomes this season’s constant focus because she works as Joe’s employer as a librarian at Madre Linda’s library. Tati Gabrielle portrays the role of this character. In this article, you will learn everything about your favorite show’s new season, its cast, and much more.

What is the show “YOU” All About?

Netflix premiered the third season of this show on January 14, 2020. It continues the tense relationship between Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn, who is expecting her kid in a new suburban house. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the third season’s production was put on hold in December 2020 for two months. It was then resumed in February 2021. The first of the ten episodes aired on October 15, 2021.

Cast and Crew of the Show

Sera Gamble, the showrunner, and Greg Berlanti, who created the series, are back as co-executive producers in the third season. Saffron Burrows, Victoria Pedretti, and Penn Badgley all reprise their previous roles after being promoted to a series called “regular.”  Shalita Grant, Travis Van Winkle, Dylan Arnold, and Tati Gabrielle are recent additions to the cast. Michaela McManus portrays Joe’s new neighbor in the last episode of the second season.

The Story of Season 3

Joe and Love are a married couple in the third season, raising their young son Henry in the fictitious California suburb of Madre Linda. As the nature of their relationship changes, Joe keeps repeating the cycle of obsession with a growing fascination for Natalie Engler, the neighbor.

This time, Love reverses the story to make sure Joe’s obsessive behavior doesn’t shatter her goal of having the ideal family. But after Love murders Natalie, Joe becomes obsessed with Marienne, a librarian with whom he shares a tough childhood in the foster system. Theo, Natalie’s stepson, develops romantic feelings for Love, further straining the connection between Joe and Love.

What Happens to Joe and Love in Season 3?

Love ultimately discovers the bloody rags and pieces that confirm her suspicions that Joe killed Ryan and is aware that he was having an affair with Marienne. Love confronts Joe and enquires about his feelings for her, clearly enraged. He suggests they get a divorce after a furious dispute.

Love infects Joe, and in a shocking change of circumstances, Joe passes out on the ground. She then decides to “save their marriage” and departs as he lies there. The couple’s neighbor Matthew enters the room to confront Joe and discovers that Theo is in hospital while Joe is “paralysed.”


As Theo leaves the hospital in good health, the final episode of season 3 depicts Matthew and Theo trying to recapture their father-son relationship. Additionally, we witness Dante acquiring Henry’s custody. Joe is seen to be living in Paris at this time, where he encounters a young woman and her little daughter in a bar. Joe keeps looking for his one “real love.”