Leah Studi is the daughter of American actor and film producer Wesley Studi and his first wife, Rebecca Graves. She has two siblings, Daniel and Kholan, from her father’s second marriage. Leah’s parents divorced when she was young, and she was largely raised by her mother, though her father supported raising Leah and her brother.

Personal Life

Leah Studi chose to live a private life behind the cameras; however, despite that, the public came to know that she is married through her father’s post on Facebook. Wes Studi posted a picture on Facebook in 2014, and he mentioned that his daughter and her husband had welcomed a son. So, it is okay to assume that Leah is still with Jake and has more kids. However, she has not revealed such information to the public.

Education and Career

Leah Studi studied at least up to the high school level, but then the school’s name was withheld from the public by herself and her father. Having gone to school himself, Wes Studi made sure his children got the right education.

Regarding Leah Studi’s professional career, she has not revealed what she does to earn a living, but she ensures that her needs and those of her children are met with some support from her husband, Jake. However, growing up, Leah was brought up on a ranch and loved animals; maybe she owns some that support her financially through their produce.

Most people celebrate Leah’s father for bringing Native American history to his movie and television projects. Wes has also won some awards, including Academy Honorary Award and a Western Heritage Award for his performance on Geronimo: An American Legend.

Her Father

Leah Studi’s father started acting while at Tulsa Community College. He made his film debut in 1988 when he appeared in The Trial of Standing Bear. His early roles, where he featured as a ruthless American warrior, include Dances with Wolves and The Last of the Mohicans.

In the 1990s, Studi appeared in some films, including The Broken Chain, Mystery Men, and Geronimo: An American Legend, where he had a lead role.

In his romantic life, Leah Studi’s father met Rebecca Graves in the early 1970s before their wedding in 1974. They spent eight years together, and in that time, they were blessed with two children, a son, and a daughter. While married to Rebecca, Studi was involved in ranching, but when they divorced, he decided to go into acting to meet new women.

Leah’s father met Maura Dhu, daughter of actor Jack Albertson, in the 1980s, and they married in 1986. They have one son together.

Social Media

Leah Studi does not fancy social media presence since she prefers a private life away from media attention. No account belonging to Leah Studi has been found on Twitter or Instagram. Besides, her father is not an Instagram fan but has an account on Facebook where he used to post for his fans to peep into his personal life.