Bam Magera shared the news about the birth of his son on Instagram. Phoenix Wolf Margera is the son of the Jackass actor Bam Margera and his wife Nicole. After sharing details about his first child, the internet couldn’t keep calm, and everyone wanted to dig in on who Phoenix Wolf Margera is. More about Phoenix Wolf Margera is discussed in this post. Read on!

Who is Phoenix Wolf Margera?

Celebrity kids enjoy the fame associated with their parents, and when the world gets curious, every celebrity kid becomes a search term on the internet. Phoenix Wolf Margera is the first child of Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd.

His birth was announced on his father’s Instagram in June 2017. According to Margera, the couple had already settled on what name to give their child even before he was born. Phoenix Wolf Margera was born on December 23, 2017.

Margera couldn’t keep calm about the birth of his son. He shared a photo of his wife holding the newborn in her arms with a caption of his son’s name. The post received numerous reactions, with everyone congratulating the new family for their first child.

Still, Margera shared another photo of his father, Phil, who also visited the new parents while still in hospital. Phil was excited about his grandson, and his visit confirmed so. Most details about Phoenix Wolf Margera, including his nationality and school, are unknown.

Who are Phoenix Wolf Margera’s Parents?

Brandon “Bam” Margera is the father of Phoenix Wolf Margera. He is an American stunt performer, skateboarder, filmmaker, and TV personality. Bam Margera was born on September 28, 1979, and his popularity mainly rose when he appeared in the MTV reality show, Jackass. Moreover, he has co-wrote on other films, including Minghags and Haggard. Bam has had different struggles in his life, including alcohol addiction. He even went to rehab in 2009. So intense was his drug and alcohol consumption that he got fired from Jackass Forever production in 2020.

Nicole Boyd is Phoenix’s mother. She is a social media influencer, photographer, model, actress, and graphic designer. She married Bam Margera in 2013 and only got their first child in 2017. The couple remained together for eight years, and she filed for Phoenix’s custody in 2021. However, no divorce has been filed, and she lets Bam visit his con occasionally.

Phoenix’s mother is a California native who has appeared on various TV shows. For instance, she acted at Pennhurst Asylum. Before marrying Nicole, Bam Margera had other engagements with other women before but divorced before he settled with Nicole in 2013.

Phoenix’s Net Worth

Phoenix is still a young child who has yet to make a name for himself. Currently, he has nothing to grow his net worth. However, he enjoys the comfort of his parent’s wealth. Both parents have a lucrative career. For instance, Phoenix’s dad has a net worth of $25 million, and all his wealth is attributed to his acting and film engagement over the years.

Having wealthy parents, we believe Phoenix has an easy life, and his needs and wants are fully catered for.