Franklin Thomas Fox is the dad of a famous American celebrity Megan Fox. He lives a simple life and wasn’t noticed widely until his daughter Megan Fox made it big in Hollywood. Franklin was born on January 7, 1951.

This article is a clear focus on Franklin, his life, and people revolving around him.

Less Known About Him

Megan Fox’s father, Franklin Thomas Fox, has generally maintained a private profile, and there isn’t a substantial amount of widely available information about him in the public domain. He is not as well-known as his daughter Megan. Megan Fox has occasionally mentioned her relationship with her father in interviews.

Franklin’s Wife

His wife, Gloria Darlene Cisson, is known to have worked as a paralegal. Like Franklin Thomas Fox, she is not as widely known as Megan herself. Megan Fox has shared that her mother has provided support throughout her career and life.

Franklin’s Famous Daughter: Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an American actress and model who gained fame for her appearances in various films and her striking beauty. She was born on May 16, 1986, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Here’s an overview of her career and background:

  • Early Life and Career: Megan Fox began her acting career in the early 2000s, making guest appearances on television shows like “Two and a Half Men” and “Hope & Faith.” Her breakthrough role came in 2007 when she starred as Mikaela Banes in the blockbuster film “Transformers.”
  • “Transformers” Franchise: Megan Fox’s role in the “Transformers” franchise brought her widespread recognition and catapulted her to fame. She played the female lead, Mikaela, and her performance, combined with her striking looks, garnered her significant attention.
  • Acting Roles: After her success in “Transformers,” Megan Fox appeared in various films, including “Jennifer’s Body” (2009), “Jonah Hex” (2010), and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (2014) and its sequel. She’s known for roles that often highlight her beauty and physical presence.
  • Modeling: In addition to her acting career, Megan Fox has worked as a model. She has been featured in several magazines and has participated in advertising campaigns for various brands.
  • Personal Life: Megan Fox’s personal life has been a subject of public interest. She has been known for her candor in interviews, discussing topics ranging from her career to her experiences in the entertainment industry.
  • Public Image: Fox’s striking looks and provocative roles have contributed to her image as a sex symbol in the media. She has garnered attention for her fashion choices and red-carpet appearances.
  • Impact: Megan Fox’s presence in popular culture and her influence on fashion and beauty trends have made her a notable figure in the entertainment industry.
  • Advocacy: Over the years, Megan Fox has been an advocate for various causes, including animal rights and environmental issues.


Franklin lives as a life of a retired parole officer.


So, the retired parole officer wasn’t as famous as his daughter Megan, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t successful. His job and career were very hard that not every person can do.