Brook Sealey is better known as Jennifer Brooke Sealey. Jennifer Brooke Sealey, commonly known as Brooke Sealey, was born on November 14, 1972, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. She gained public recognition due to her association with NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, whom she married in 1994.

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Miss Winston Cup

Before marrying Jeff Gordon, Brooke Sealey was known as Miss Winston Cup, a role that involved representing the Winston cigarette brand (the series’ sponsor at the time) at NASCAR events. The title was later changed to Miss NASCAR Winston Cup, and it involved making appearances, participating in promotional activities, and assisting with race-related events.

Marriage and Divorce

Brooke Sealey and Jeff Gordon’s relationship garnered a lot of attention, especially as Gordon quickly rose to prominence in the NASCAR world. The couple got married in 1994 when Gordon was just starting to achieve success on the racetrack. However, their marriage faced challenges, and they eventually divorced in 2003.

After Divorce

After the divorce from Jeff Gordon, Brooke Sealey largely retreated from the public eye. She returned to using her maiden name, Brooke Sealey. She has kept a low profile and has not been as extensively covered by the media as some other public figures.

Private Life

Following her divorce, Brooke Sealey chose to keep her personal life private. As a result, there isn’t a significant amount of widely available information about her post-divorce life, career, or activities.

Philanthropic Efforts

While she was married to Jeff Gordon, the couple was known for their philanthropic work and involvement in charitable initiatives. It’s unclear to what extent Brooke Sealey continued her involvement in charitable activities after the divorce.


Brooke Sealey’s association with NASCAR primarily stems from her role as Miss Winston Cup. Miss Winston Cup was a promotional title associated with the Winston cigarette brand, which was a major sponsor of the NASCAR Cup Series (now known as the NASCAR Cup Series).

Here are some key points about her association with NASCAR.

  • Representing the sponsors: Miss Winston Cup was a promotional position that involved representing the sponsor, Winston, at NASCAR events. The role included various responsibilities such as appearing at races, interacting with fans, participating in promotional activities, and serving as a public relations ambassador for the sport.
  • Promotions and Appearances: As Miss Winston Cup, Brooke Sealey would often make appearances at races, interact with fans, and participate in pre-race ceremonies and events. She would promote the Winston brand and contribute to creating a festive atmosphere at NASCAR events.
  • Role in the NASCAR Community: Miss Winston Cup held a prominent role within the NASCAR community during the time when Winston was a primary sponsor of the Cup Series. The title added a touch of glamour and excitement to race weekends.
  • Recognition: Brooke Sealey’s involvement as Miss Winston Cup brought her recognition and visibility within the NASCAR world. Her association with NASCAR also gained attention due to her marriage to NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.
  • Cultural Impact: The Miss Winston Cup title was part of the broader culture of NASCAR during that era. It contributed to the sport’s image and fan engagement, and the titleholders were often regarded as symbols of the sport’s connection to its fans.


Brooke has been active in her career before and after her marriage and even after her divorce. It’s obvious that throwing light on her divorce isn’t a good idea since people would love to see the positive side of her life rather than her disastrous life.