Aiden Patrick Stewart is a celebrity kid known for being the youngest of the eight children of singer Sir Rod Stewart. Being the youngest in the family with elder siblings, he enjoys his life under the guidance of his parents.

Aiden’s parents married in 2007 and spent their lives together, ensuring Aiden and his brother get a complete family. Aiden came into the limelight when he fainted in a football match and had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

The main concern that many people have heard is wondering if the fainting resulted from the effect of vaccination. Keep reading this post if you are curious about what transpired during the match!

Aiden Patrick Stewart Biography

Aiden Patrick Stewart is the youngest of eight children of singer Rod Stewart. Aiden was born on February 16, 2011, to the current wife of the singer, Penny Lancaster.

Aiden has an elder biological brother who is a model with six half-siblings born to his father. Aiden’s mother is the fifth wife of the singer, and they have loved happily since 2007, welcoming two boys into the family.

Although Aiden is still young, he plays football in the Young Hoops Under-12s team, working hard to make his father proud. According to Sir Rod Stewart’s history, he dreamed of becoming a football when he was young but did not achieve it because he was not selected to join any team despite being a captain.

Thankfully, Aiden has helped his father achieve his dream, which explains why Sir Stewart has never missed any matches played by his son.

Aiden Patrick Stewart’s Siblings

Aiden Stewart is the youngest of eight children. Being the youngest in the family, he has been given all the luxuries in life, considering that his father is a famous musician while his mum is a model.

Aiden has older siblings who came due to Aiden’s father’s early marriage. Aiden’s first half-sibling is Sarah Streeter, although Sir Rod Stewart did not bring her up because she was given up for adoption. Aiden’s eldest sibling was born by his father and art student Susannah Boffey in 1963.

Aiden has siblings, Kimberly and Sean Stewart, born by Stewart and his first wife, Alana. Kimberly and Sean were born in 1979 and 1980, respectively, and they have done well in life. Kimberly is a fashion designer, socialite, and model, while Sean is a reality TV star. Aiden Patrick is a proud uncle after his elder sibling Kimberly welcomed her first child, Delilah.

Aiden’s other sibling is Ruby Stewart, born in 1987 to Stewrt and his lover Kelly Emberg, a model. Ruby followed in her parents’ footsteps, and she became a fashion model and singer.

Aiden’s father married another wife, Rachel Renne, and they had two children, Renee in 1992 and Liam in 1994. Liam is a hockey player and currently plays with Guildford Flames.

In 2007, Aiden’s father married Penny Lancaster, Aiden’s mother. Aiden’s parents had a relationship before and had a son, Alastair, in 2005.