Elisa Larregui is a celebrity ex-spouse, who grabbed worldwide attention when she married American stand-up comedian Aries Spears. Their marriage lasted only a few years but it was enough to make Elisa Larregui a popular face among people.

Today, we are here to disclose life details about Elisa Larregui including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all the details.

Personal life

As we already told you Elisa Larregui herself is not a celebrity and is famous only because of her ex-husband, no information is available about her early life. From the names of our parents to her date of birth, everything is a secret to the public about Elisa Larregui.

Coming to the married life of Elisa Larregui where you can find at least some information about Elisa Larregui, she was married to American stand-up comedian, Aries Spears, for only 4 years from 2010 to 2014. What was the reason for their divorce is not confirmed but they have been living separately since 2014 after their divorce.

Parents and siblings 

With the fact that no information is available about the family background of Elisa Larregui you are supposed to get no information about her parents as well as siblings. Even after becoming popular and gaining the love of people, Elisa Larregui never talked about her family background, parents, and siblings.


Although the married life of Elisa Larregui lasted only 4 years, she could embrace motherhood through this marriage. She became the mother of two lovely children, son Jordan Spears and a daughter Jada Spears, who both are young teenagers today.

Education and profession 

We are afraid that we will not be able to tell you any information about the educational background of Elisa Larregui because she herself has kept these details under wraps. The ex-wife of the famous comedian has never bothered to disclose anything about her education as well as professional life. Considering the fact that she got married to such a great comedian, we expect she must have something extraordinary in her personality.

Reason for the popularity of Elisa Larregui

The whole credit for the popularity of Elisa Larregui goes to her ex-husband, Aries Spears, who is a renowned stand-up comedian. Although Elisa Larregui is not with him today, she is still known for being his ex-wife and having kids with him.

Net worth of Elisa Larregui 

You would have been able to get any information about the net worth of Elisa Larregui only if she had revealed the information about her profession and earnings. Since she preferred to keep her lips tight on this matter, her net worth can’t be estimated. As far as the net worth of her ex-spouse, Aries Spears, is concerned, he holds a staggering net worth of around 4 million right now.


Elisa Larregui divorced her husband a long time ago but she is still living a queen-like life along with her kids. Given this fact, we assume that Elisa Larregui is professionally successful in her life.