If you know the two films: “Funny Girl” and “Funny Lady,” you must know the name Frances Arnstein. Although she died in 1992, Frances Arnstein is a popular name, and details about her life are worth discussing. We will talk about her early life, family, marriage, career, and events leading to her death. Let’s begin!

Frances Arnstein’s Biography

Frances Arnstein was born on August 12, 1919. She is the daughter of Fanny Brice, born on October 19, 1891, and Nicky Arnstein, born on July 1879. France’s mother was a former radio star and Ziegfeld Follies. She was born in New York when her mother was a famous comedian.

Her father was a renowned professional gambler and a con artist. Nicky Arnstein was the second husband of Frances’s mother. His nationality is American, and he married Fanny Brice from 1918 to 1927. The couple have two children, Frances and William, born in 1921.

In 1915, Nicky Arnstein was convicted of swindling, and Fanny Brice used to visit him weekly while he was serving his sentence. His first wife filed for a divorce, leaving Nicky Arnstein to marry Fanny Brice.

Frances Arnstein became a philanthropist and built her name in show business cycles. During her teen years, she became a horsewoman and bagged countable awards even at the national level. She attended Dalton School, and after her graduation, she moved to California to accompany her mother during her stage tours.

Family Life of Frances Arnstein

Frances took a radio career path, and it was when she went to California in 1937 to further pursue her career she met her husband, Ray Stark. Ray is a film producer, and the two ended up marrying.

After marrying Stark, Frances enjoyed numerous benefits and was acknowledged as LA’s premiere hostess. She even headed numerous fashion lists thanks to her husband’s popularity.

Ray Stark is best known for producing the “Funny Girl” film in 1969 and later produced the “Funny Lady” film in 1975. The two hits were crucial in making the couple famous. Barbra stars in both films.

It’s worth mentioning that the couple were blessed with a daughter and later a grandson, Peter, who unfortunately died in 1970. Frances had a brother, William Arnstein, born on April 23, 1921.

Although details about her net worth remain unknown, we know that Frances and her husband had lucrative careers that gained them fame while adding to their fortune. It’s wise to conclude that they both accumulated substantial wealth to give them a decent lifestyle and finance their plans.

The Death of Frances Arnstein

Like all good things have an end, the life of Frances Arnstein also came to an end. She enjoyed a 51-year marriage term to her husband and lived long enough to see her grandson. Unfortunately, Frances had numerous strokes and heart failure, leading to her death on May 31. 1992. Frances Arnstein died at her Los Angeles home aged 72.