Bailey Deluca, popularly known as B.B by close friends and her family, is the daughter of Scott Baio and Renee Sloan. Bailey is a celebrity kid, and her father’s fame has brought her into the limelight. Despite her young age, people are curious to know who Bailey is and what revolves around her life. If you, too, have the same desire, this post will guide you. It details any publicly available information about Bailey, including her early life and family.

Early Life and Biography of Bailey Deluca

Bailey is a celebrity kid, and she is known because of her father, Scott Baio. Bailey’s father is an American actor and T.V. director. Bailey was named Deluca after her grandmother, who was called Rose Deluca. According to her friends and family, they prefer calling her B.B.

Bailey was born on November 2, 2017. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, and her nationality is American. Bailey was born in New York as one of the twins of Scott Baio and Renee Sloan. Bailey was born five weeks premature, and her twin sibling died during the 11th week.

It got worse as Bailey was shortly detected that she had a rare metabolic disorder. This news came as a blow to the parents, who were still struggling with the loss of the other sibling. The experience faced during this time led to Scott and his wife deciding to start “The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation.”

It was a charitable organization aimed at supporting families whose children had metabolic disorders. The noble cause helped in raising funds, and the experience gave hope to Bailey’s parents. Bailey has grown up seeing the efforts and hardship her parents have endured in supporting her.

Bailey has a step-sister, Kalyn LaNae, who was born in 1989 before her mother married Scott Baio in 2007. She is on good terms with her sister, and the family accommodates each other wholeheartedly.

Who are Bailey’s Parents?

Bailey is lucky to be the daughter of an American actor. Her father is Scott Baio, and her mother is Renee Sloan. Bailey’s father is an American actor, and some notable roles include playing Chachi Arcola in the “Sitcom Happy Days.”

As for her mother, she is focused on the entertainment industry. However, she has had a negative encounter with opioid overdose, which led to the premature death of her daughter. Renee is also diagnosed with a brain disorder. Nonetheless, Scott loves his family and plays his role as the family head.

Bailey’s Net Worth

Bailey is a young girl, and she is yet to start dating. Besides, no dating information about her has been shared with the public. We will keep you posted when she does. As for net worth, Bailey is still young and lives under the care and wealth of her parents.

Bailey’s parents have a successful career, especially his father. As of 2023, we estimate that the Deluca family has a net worth of $4 million. This net worth is adequate to guarantee Bailey a good life.