Personal Information

Timothy Scott Roman, born into a world of Hollywood glamour as the son of actress Susan Cabot, was destined for a life marked by fame and tragedy. His birthdate is not explicitly mentioned in the available information, but his life story is a testament to the complexities of personal relationships and the consequences of his actions.

Timothy’s early years were overshadowed by his mother’s fame and the challenges he faced due to his dwarfism. However, he was determined to overcome physical limitations and underwent a regimen of steroids and other drugs in his childhood to stimulate his growth, ultimately reaching a height of 5 feet 4.


The relationship between Timothy Scott Roman and his mother, Susan Cabot, was marred by tragedy. Susan Cabot, a 1950s ‘B’ movie star, struggled with mental and emotional problems, leading to a reclusive and challenging existence. On December 10, 1986, in their Encino home, a horrifying incident occurred that would forever alter their lives. Timothy, then 25 years old, fatally bludgeoned his ailing mother with a metal bar. He was subsequently convicted of involuntary manslaughter after a non-jury trial, a decision that sentenced him to three years’ probation.


Although Timothy Scott Roman’s life was primarily defined by the events surrounding his mother’s tragic death, there are indications that he pursued an education in art as an art student at Pierce College. However, the promising potential of his career and the trajectory it might have taken were overshadowed by the dark cloud of his involvement in the criminal case.

Net Worth

Specific details about Timothy Scott Roman’s net worth are unavailable in the provided information. His life, ultimately marked by a tragic incident, is a reminder of the complexities and challenges individuals face in the spotlight of the entertainment industry. Susan Cabot, his mother, had experienced a fleeting acting career that ended long before her death, and her life mirrored the struggles of certain Hollywood figures who faced a decline in fame.

The events surrounding Susan Cabot’s death, including Timothy’s inconsistent statements to the police and the subsequent trial, painted a grim picture of a troubled family. While the circumstances of the crime were undoubtedly tragic, Timothy’s actions and the legal consequences that followed serve as a sobering reminder of the complex and often unpredictable paths that individuals in the public eye may navigate.

The case of Timothy Scott Roman is a stark illustration of the tragic intersection of family, fame, and the law, serving as a cautionary tale that continues to captivate public interest as one of Hollywood’s most unsettling stories.