Natosha Baker is a celebrity who came into the limelight for being the child of a famous baseball player. Although Natosha’s father retired from active baseball long ago, she has been searched for by many people, wondering where she is and how she is doing currently.

Natosha’s father, Dusty Baker, played with the Los Angeles Dodgers mostly, and he played for 19 seasons. During his time in MLB, he was one of the best and was named the best player twice.

Because of his great talent, many people have been curious about Dusty Baker and his family. Natosha Baker being the eldest in the family, has drawn great attention from her father’s fans, although she keeps a private life.

Natosha Baker’s Bio

Natosha Baker was born on September 29, 1979, to the American Baseball Manager Dusty Baker and her ex-wife, Alice Lee Washington. Natosha’s parents ensured they brought up her daughter well, and although they divorced, they co-parented very well.

Natosha’s parents’ relationship is never well known, but they walked down the aisle on May 30, 1970, and exchanged vows. They enjoyed their marriage till in 1979, when they welcomed their daughter Natosha.

It is unknown when Natosha’s parents divorced, but it is believed they separated for many years before calling it a quit.

Natosha Baker’s Siblings

Natosha Baker is the eldest in her family. Since her mother separated from her father, she has kept a private lifestyle. It is unknown if Natosha has any siblings from her mother’s side because she has kept a low lifestyle.

Natosha has a half-sibling from her father’s second marriage. Darren Baker is the half-sibling to Natosha, and he was born on February 11, 1999. Like her father, Natosha’s brother is also a baseball player.

In 2021, Natosha’s brother Darren Baker was named the California Male Tom Hansen Award recipient. Darren plays for the University of California, Berkeley.

Natosha Baker Career

Natosha Baker never got engaged actively in baseball like her father. It is unknown which school she attended, but she got a degree in graphic design. Once she completed her studies, she joined her father’s company, where she worked as a graphic designer.

Natosha Baker’s Marital Status

Natosha Baker is a proud mother and wife. Although she never displays her lifestyle and private matters, trusted sources indicate that the celebrity daughter was married to her lover, Smith. It is not clear when they exchanged vows, but they are blessed with a child named Nova Love Smith.

Natosha has kept a private lifestyle, explaining why she has never introduced her baby in the limelight. Natosha has never told the gender of the baby, but Dusty Baker once disclosed that it was a boy. Natosha has a good relationship with her father, explaining why Dusty loves his grandchild.

Is Dusty Baker Married?

Dusty Baker is a proud husband married to his second wife, Melissa Grace Esplana. Dusty Baker’s current wife is believed to be a homemaker and socialite who has appeared beside her husband in many public events.