If you know Vicki Gunvalson, you will be intrigued to know that Michael Wolfsmith is her son. Michael Wolfsmith has achieved a lot, and according to his mother, he has exceeded her expectations, and she is proud of the man she has become. In this post, we will introduce who Michael Wolfsmith is. We will talk about his early life, career, and any other publicly available information about him.

 Michael Wolfsmith’s Biography and Profile

Michael is a successful American businessperson. He is mainly known as the son of Vicki Gunvalson. Michael’s mother is a reputable reality TV star, and she is also the Vice president of Coto Insurance Companies.

The fame associated with his mother has played a role in the popularity surrounding Michael. Although Michael is a private person, we’ve managed to gather a little information about him and his life.

Michael Wolfsmith was born in 1985 in the USA. However, we don’t know the exact month or day of his birth. His mother is Vicki Gunvalson, and his father is Michael J. Wolsmith. Michael’s mother became famous after she played a role in The Real Housewives of Orange County. She acted in the series for over ten seasons.

Michael has a sister who was born on April 8, 1987. His sister is called Briana, and she is an American TV Star. Michael’s sister is married to Ryan Culberson. The two married on October 23, 2011, and are blessed with two children.

Information about where Michael studied is unknown. He has never shared the details, but we believe he attended a reputable school that helped shape his profession.

Michael’s Physical Appearance

Michael has an average height, and his weight is moderate. Even from his photos, it is evident that he is tall. However, there are no actual details available about his body measurements. Michael’s eye color is hazel, while his hair color is brown. Other measurements will be updated as we get new information.

Michael’s Career and Net Worth

Michael is focused on being a businessperson. He has worked hard to find his path as a businessman, and although his mother is famous and also a businessperson, Michael has struggled individually to get to where he is.

Nonetheless, Michael is the Vice President of Coto Insurance, a company founded by his mother. Moreover, he is the Life Insurance Specialist for the company. Michael works to ensure that clients are happy and that the company lives to its motto of “treat clients like family.”

This motto helps keep the company focused on satisfying its clients to achieve a higher retention rate. From his career, Michael has managed to gain a substantial net worth. As of 2023, we estimate that Michael’s net worth ranges between $5 million to $10 million. He has different income streams, but the main one is him being a businessman.

Michael’s Dating Life

Michael is in a romantic relationship; his fiancé is Danielle. The two maintain a low profile and don’t share their relationship details with the public. We are still keeping an eye out for new information, and we will share it once we have something new.