Lindsay Marchiano is known around the world as the daughter of the American pornographic actress, Linda Lovelace. More than 10 years after her death, Linda Lovelace probably remains America’s best-known porn star.

Lindsay Marchiano’s Family

Lindsay Marchiano was born in 1980 to Linda Lovelace and Larry Marchiano in New York, United States. She is the younger sister of Dominic Paul Marchiano.

Lindsay gave birth to her son when she was seventeen years old, making her a third-generation unwed teen mother, since her mother Linda Lovelace got pregnant when she was nineteen and gave birth to a son who was immediately put up for adoption by Linda’s mother Dorothy Boreman. Dorothy herself had given birth to her first child Barbara Boreman, when she was eighteen years old.

Lindsay’s mother, Linda Lovelace, was born Linda Susan Boreman, on January 10, 1949. She was married to Chuck Traynor from 1971 until 1973; he frequently used violence against her. In 1974 Linda married Larry Marchiano and had two children with him. They divorced in 1996. In 1980 Ordeal was published. It was a book Linda wrote about being a porn actress. Linda died in Denver on April 22, 2002, of injuries sustained in a road accident on April 3, 2002.

Lindsay Marchiano’s Net Worth

Lindsay Marchiano is the celebrated daughter who has been enjoying her mother’s stardom since birth. She has kept her personal life under wraps and there isn’t much information available on the web about her academics, career path, etc. But being the daughter of the famous pornographic actress, Linda Lovelace, it can be said that Lindsay is living a luxurious lifestyle. Her mother had a net worth of $10 million at the time of her death.

It’s an unlikely distinction given that Linda – by her own estimation – only spent a total of two and a half weeks working in the adult film industry. But those two and a half weeks included shooting “Deep Throat,” the X-rated film that turned into a pop culture phenomenon after its release in 1972. It became the first adult film to cross over to mainstream audiences, earning an astounding $600 million.

The film starred Linda Lovelace as a young woman who has never had an orgasm. After many unsuccessful attempts, she goes to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Young. They quickly discover the problem: her clitoris is not where it should be, but rather in the back of her throat. The only way she can climax, it turns out, is through oral sex. It was this emphasis on story–even a flimsy one–that was groundbreaking in the world of pornography, as was the sense of humor that permeated the film. The female orgasm is the thematic core of the film. Never before had a pornographic film valued female pleasure to such an extreme. Linda became a star with the release of “Deep Throat” and almost instantly became a symbol of the sexual revolution.