Who is Jimmy Choo? Popularly known because of his Jimmy Choo Ltd company, Jimmy is a reputable fashion designer, and his fame is because of his unique design of handmade women’s shoes. There is a lot we will share about Jimmy Choo, including his early life, career, personal life, success, etc. Read on!

Early and Personal Life of Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat is our focus for today. He is a male born in Malaysia on November 15, 1948. He is mainly known as a fashion designer, and he is currently based in the UK. Jimmy Choo founded Jimmy Choo Ltd, and it has become the source of his popularity.

Jimmy was born in the Crown Colony of Penang into a family of shoemakers. He is of Chinese descent. His father was a successful shoemaker, and his uniqueness was in his handmade shoes, and this skill he successfully passed on to his son.

Jimmy Choo attended college at Cordwainers Technical College based in Hackney, London. After his graduation, he proceeded to work in a design firm in London.

Jimmy Choo has three nationalities, including British, Malaysian, and Chinese. He is a father of two: a son and a daughter. Jimmy married Rebecca Choo, and the two are blessed with two children. Their children are Emily Choo and Danny Choo.

Jimmy Choo’s Career

Jimmy is a professional fashion designer. After graduating from college, Jimmy decided to remain in London and focused on finding a design firm to help pursue his design passion. For nine years, Jimmy worked for two design companies in London before he decided to start his own business.

When Choo began his business, he mainly got support from the Prince’s Trust, and his parents decided to help him in Britain. He opened his first business shop in 1986. For his first shop, he rented an old hospital building.

It was until 1988 that his craftmanship and shoe design skills came into the limelight during the London Fashion Week. He got an opportunity to have his shoes featured in Vogue. According to Jimmy, his handmade skill was all thanks to the lessons he got from his father.

In 1996, Jimmy went ahead to co-found Minny Choo Ltd with Tamara Mellon, a Vogue magazine editor. He later sold his 50% stake and focused on creating his Jimmy Choo couture line that now includes various accessories, including handbags.

Throughout his career, Jimmy Choo has achieved different awards and honours. He got appointed in the UK as the officer of the OBE thanks to his efforts in the fashion and shoe industry. Jimmy has had numerous awards, and all come back to his fashion and shoe designs.

Jimmy Choo has built wealth from his fashion business. He is estimated to be worth $50 million, and all this wealth is from his fashion design career. Jimmy’s career is bright, and as he keeps getting awards and different success milestones, we will keep you posted on any new details we get about his life.