Vernon Whitlock Jr. is famous as the father of American model, fashion designer, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and television personality Kimora Lee Simmons. He was married to Joanne Perkins, a former social security administrator, with whom he had one child.

Career and Personal Life

Vernon Whitlock Jr worked hard to earn a living; he was one of the first African-American law enforcers to hold the position of deputy federal marshal. He also worked as an investigator for an equal employment opportunity commission, a bail bondsman, and a barber.

As a bail bondsman wore expensive clothes and jewelry and was often targeted by police officers because they thought he was a drug dealer. He was arrested for his bad dealings as a police officer and sentenced to 24 years in prison. Vernon was arrested when Kimora was just a kid, and she was left to his wife Joanne to raise her by herself.

His Daughter

When Kimora was young, she was bullied because of her height and background; this affected her self-esteem. Her mother enrolled her in modeling classes to bolster her confidence; two years later, she was discovered by an agent of the Paris Modeling Agency, and she embarked on her modeling journey.

In her modeling career, Vernon’s daughter worked for several fashion houses, including Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, and Fendi. Kimora has also appeared on Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue covers.

In the fashion industry, Vernon’s daughter launched Baby Phat in 1999, a global lifestyle brand for women. Baby Phat grew in both fashion and culture. Kimora and her brand Baby Phat held its first fashion show in September 1999 at Radio City Music Hall, and it was a great success.

Vernon’s daughter has achieved critical success industry, and she has become the voice of every passion who wants to pursue fashion but is disadvantaged. Kimora has also risen from a bullied girl at school to a business mogul in the fashion industry.

On television, Kimora has worked as a host, producer, and even a reality star appearing on the show Kimora: Life in the Fab Fame.

Advocacy and The Philanthropic Work of Vernon’s Daughter

Kimora founded the Kimora Lee Simmons Scholarship Fund in 2014 to help support children from disadvantaged communities pursuing fashion. She even donated one million dollars to the fund. Besides, Kimora supports Keep a Child Alive, Hetrick-Martin Institute, and The G&P Foundation.

For her numerous contributions to society, the mayor of St. Louis presented Vernon’s daughter with a key before declaring March 14 as Kimora Day.

What is the Net Worth of Vernon’s Daughter

Vernon’s daughter has amassed much wealth through her fashion designing and modeling career. She also owns several businesses, having invested in fashion, consumer goods, technology, and skincare, contributing to her net worth of approximately 200 million dollars.

Kimora’s Social Media Presence

Vernon’s daughter is active on social media platforms, especially Instagram, which she uses to market her brands. She also posts pictures of herself, friends, and her family on Instagram for her followers to have a look into her personal life.