In the whirlwind of excitement surrounding the NCAA tournament, one group of individuals has unexpectedly found themselves in the spotlight: the stenographers. When Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes was caught on a live microphone whispering “she’s beautiful” about a brunette stenographer, it not only embarrassed Hayes but also brought attention to the stenographer herself. Her name is Debra Bollman, and she, along with her colleagues from ASAP Sports, a transcription service based in New York, have become the darlings of this year’s NCAA tournament.

Viral Transcripts and Unintentional Stardom

The official transcripts of the tournament, including Nigel Hayes’ endearing moment, have gone viral, capturing the attention of fans across the country. These transcripts are archived on ASAP’s website, allowing fans who were not present at the tournament sites to read through every media interview session. The stenographers’ invaluable work has received widespread recognition and appreciation.

The Rapid Pace of Transcription

Working for ASAP Sports, the stenographers capture every word spoken by coaches and players during the interview sessions at a remarkable pace of up to 300 words per minute. They transcribe these interviews and produce the transcripts with astonishing speed, distributing them to the media and making them available on ASAP’s website. The company has been providing NCAA transcripts since 1992, allowing fans to get a glimpse into the media interview room and enhancing their overall experience of the tournament.

Hayes and His Teammates’ Curiosity

Nigel Hayes and two of his teammates further fueled the curiosity surrounding the stenographers. After challenging one of the stenographers during an interview session by using words like “cattywampus,” a photo of Hayes and his teammates huddled around the stenographer, captivated by her skills, circulated on Twitter. This interaction only added to the intrigue and fascination surrounding the stenographers’ work.

Unforgettable Moments Captured

This year, the ASAP stenographers have captured some memorable moments, both positive and regrettable, during the tournament. From Virginia senior Darion Atkins’ candid remarks to Gonzaga forward Kyle Wiltje’s humorous anecdote about a restaurant, these transcripts provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the personalities and emotions of the players and coaches. The stenographers’ dedication and accuracy ensure that these moments are faithfully documented for fans to enjoy.

The Role of Stenographers in the Media Landscape

Stenographers, also known as transcribers, are typically trained to work behind the scenes, quietly performing their job without attracting attention. However, the NCAA tournament has unexpectedly thrust them into the spotlight, allowing people to recognize the importance of their work. Kristin Humphrey, one of the stenographers working for ASAP, highlights the sudden attention and appreciation for their role in capturing and preserving the interviews.

A Closer Look at ASAP Sports

ASAP Sports employs freelance stenographers who also work as court reporters. These skilled professionals can earn over $100,000 per year, depending on their expertise and the number of events they cover. The company ensures accuracy and timeliness by sending two employees to each tournament site: a “writer” who functions as a court reporter and a “scopist” who proofreads the transcript as it is being typed. Within five minutes of an interview session, a full transcript is produced with an impressive 99.9% accuracy rate.

The Journey of ASAP Sports

ASAP Sports was established in 1989 when CEO Peter Balestrieri, the New York state speed champion for stenographers, secured a contract to provide transcripts at the Virginia Slims Championships. Since then, ASAP has expanded its coverage to 23 sports, ranging from the Super Bowl to the Cricket World Cup. The company’s website proudly showcases transcripts from various sporting events, including the NCAA tournament. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, ASAP has become an integral part of the media landscape.

The Promise of Another Year

As the NCAA tournament continues to captivate fans, ASAP Sports remains dedicated to providing comprehensive transcripts and preserving the tournament’s unforgettable moments. With their remarkable accuracy and commitment to their craft, the stenographers ensure that fans can continue to relive the excitement of the tournament long after it concludes. While the Final Four teams are yet to be determined, one thing is certain: ASAP Sports will be there, faithfully documenting the interviews and contributing to the fans’ experience.