When your sibling is a global superstar like Zendaya, it’s easy to be overshadowed. But Austin Stoermer Coleman has managed to craft his own identity while also being a supportive brother. He’s much more than just “Zendaya’s brother”; Austin is an individual filled with interests, talents, and aspirations of his own.

Early Life: Growing Up Stoermer Coleman

Being born into a family with diverse talents sets a stage for you, but it doesn’t write your script. Austin grew up in a nurturing environment that encouraged individuality. His family’s multi-ethnic background enriched him culturally, making him as open-minded as he is gifted.

Education: A Well-Rounded Mind

Austin values education and has spent considerable time honing his skills both academically and personally. He has delved into various subjects beyond the standard curriculum, indicating a passion for learning that goes beyond mere obligation. This enthusiasm for education speaks volumes about his character and his aspirations for personal growth.

A Supportive Sibling: Being There for Zendaya

While Austin has his own pursuits, he never fails to be there for his sister. He’s often seen accompanying Zendaya to award shows, movie premieres, and other significant milestones. The bond they share is evident and heartwarming, proving that family really is everything to the Stoermer Colemans.

His Own Career Path

Austin has been exploring several career avenues. Whether it’s business, the arts, or social causes, he’s dabbled in different sectors. This indicates a diverse skill set and an unwillingness to be pigeonholed into one specific role or industry.

A Man of the Arts

Much like his sister, Austin has a creative streak. Though not much has been disclosed about his artistic pursuits, he’s expressed interest in music and other art forms. This affinity for the arts could very well see him branching out into different avenues in the near future.

Social Advocacy and Awareness

Austin is not just about career and family; he’s also socially conscious. Given his multicultural background, it’s no surprise that he advocates for racial equality, gender inclusion, and other social justice issues. His platform, although not as expansive as Zendaya’s, is used responsibly and thoughtfully.

Health and Fitness

Those who follow him on social media know that Austin is into health and fitness. The man values a balanced lifestyle, striving for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This paints a picture of a well-rounded individual who understands the importance of maintaining equilibrium in life.

A Sense of Humor

People who know Austin vouch for his sense of humor. Being able to make people laugh is a skill, and Austin’s got it. His social media accounts are peppered with light-hearted posts and hilarious takes on everyday situations, offering a glimpse into his lively personality.

The Stoermer Coleman Legacy

With a sister like Zendaya, who’s become a household name, one might wonder what legacy Austin will leave. But legacies aren’t just made of fame and accolades; they’re built on values, actions, and the love one gives and receives. Austin, in his own unique way, contributes to the incredible Stoermer Coleman legacy.


Austin Stoermer Coleman is a multi-dimensional individual with a life that spans beyond being Zendaya’s brother. From education and career aspirations to social advocacy and a knack for humor, Austin is building his path while remaining a supportive, loving family member. As he continues to evolve, one thing is clear: Austin Stoermer Coleman is carving out a legacy that, while linked to his famous family, will be distinctively his own.