Stephen Michael Clarkson is mainly known as the father of Kelly Clarkson, a famous singer and composer. He was an engineer, and his marriage had a significant impact on the life of his daughter. This post will talk about Stephen. We will discuss his early life, marriage, and the relationship he had with his family, especially the impact on Kelly Clarkson.

Nonetheless, we know that Michael grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, with his family. His parents played a great role in instilling values such as hard work and honesty in him. However, their names are unclear. Michael began showing an interest in engineering at a young age. He was passionate about being an engineer, and he focused on his education to follow his passion.

Michael undertook his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the University of Texas in Austin. After his graduation, his career began well as he started working for reputable technology companies, and his electrical engineering skills were put to the test.

Stephen Michael Clarkson’s Biography and Early Life

Stephen Michael Clarkson, popularly known as Michael, is a male born on March 7, 1952, in Fort Worth, Texas. He is an American nationality, and his zodiac sign is Gemini. Michael preferred staying in a private life, and details about his life are minimal.

Stephen Michael Clarkson’s Marriage and Family

Michael met Jeanne Taylor and fell in love with her. The two later married on December 24, 1971. Their marriage gave birth to children, including Kelly Clarkson. Michael empowered her daughter and helped in developing her passion for music.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last for long. After a decade, the couple divorced on August 24, 1981. The divorce is attributed to Michael’s affair with another woman. At the time of the divorce, Kelly Clarkson was only six years old. The divorce affected her greatly and separated her from her siblings.

Kelly’s brother, Jason, chose to go with his father, and they lived in California after the divorce. As for Kelly’s sister, Alyssa Beth, she moved to stay with her aunt in North Carolina. Kelly was left to live with her mother as she was the youngest of the siblings.

Stephen Michael Clarkson’s Impact on Kelly’s Life

When Michael divorced his wife, the divorce left a great wound on Kelly’s heart. Kelly was left in emotional pain as she longed to enjoy her father’s love, and the separation from her siblings also affected her.

Growing up without her father’s presence was not easy. However, Kelly struggled to cope with the fact and still pushed to reach her professional passion as a musician. Although Kelly had a tough relationship with her father, Michael was there to witness and support her daughter when she won the “American Idol” in 2002.

The achievement meant a lot for Kelly as it was a breakthrough for her singing talent. Michael’s presence during this event didn’t entirely erase the wounds Kelly had. However, she appreciated the moment, and even though she didn’t have a long time to stay with her father, it still meant a lot.

Michael died in February 2019, and his death was a great blow to Kelly.