Who is Deryl Schlessinger? Let’s face it: You probably heard of Deryk after the controversial webpage that surfaced online. Or perhaps you only know him as the son of the famous Dr. Laura. In today’s post, we will cover everything we know about Deryk Schlessinger. Moreover, we will focus on who his mother is. Ultimately, you will learn more about Deryk, his family, and his life. Sit tight!

Who is Deryk Schlessinger?

Deryk Andrew Schlessinger is the son of Laura Schlessinger. He was born on November 5, 1985. His father is Dr. Lewis G. Bishop, and his mother is Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Deryk attended Hillsdale College, and in April of 2004, during Fool’s Day, rumor had it that he wanted to drop out of the school to open a hookah bar in Hillsdale.

In 2005, Deryk enlisted in the US Army. Currently, Deryk serves under the Deta Company under the command of Captain Anti.

Deryk came into the limelight after his MySpace page posted images of murder, child molestation, rape, and torture. The news came heavy as what he shared surprised the internet, especially since he is in the army.

An investigation was initiated, and the page was taken down. However, no official reports were shared with the public on whether he was the one who shared the disturbing pictures. Besides, the actions taken against him remain undisclosed. The saga surrounding Deryk mainly came in May after a journalist shared the report.

The article about the sage was released on May 22, and it received widespread shares and became among the most emailed and read articles. Everyone was curious to know about the saga. It tarnished the popularity of Deryk’s mother, especially since she was a talk radio host personality, and what she preached to others seemed not to work for her son.

Who is Deryk’s Mother?

Deryk’s mother is Laura Catherine Schlessinger. She was born on January 16, 1947. She is famously known as Dr. Laura, an American talk radio host. She hosts the Dr. Laura Program, which aired weekdays for three hours. The show was aired on Sinus XM Radio.

Dr. Laura is known for giving advice; throughout her show, she receives numerous calls from people seeking advice. Moreover, she talked about politics and other social topics. One key achievement in her life is her indictment in Chicago for the National Radio Hall of Fame.

While working as a radio talk host, she combined her career with working as a marriage and family counselor. She has even written self-help books, including The Proper Care, Feeding of Husbands, etc.

In 2010, she announced that her time as a radio show host was elapsing and that it would end in the same year in December. However, the same show moved to Sirius XM Stars. Deryk’s mother has been married twice. First, she was married to Michael F. Rudolph from 1972 to 1977. Later, she married Lewis G. Bishop in 1985, but he died in 2015.

Throughout her marriage, Laura has only had one child, Deryk Schlessinger.