Instagram is one of the most used mobile apps all over the world. Once you download this app on your phone, be sure that you will be able to share your photos and videos with your friends and family. As a result, this app has not only become essential to individual users but also to those who do business out there. Unfortunately, this app does not allow you to download photos or videos to your mobile device or tablet.

This can be attributed to the fact that Instagram hardly have a particular feature that allows users to download their preferred media files from this platform. Thankfully, with Picnob, trust that you will be able to download these media files seamlessly. In this article, we shall demystify what is Picnob, how to use it, its features and benefits, among other related facets. Stick on and continue reading this amazing guide!

What is Picnob?

Simply put, this is an online web tool that allows you to download videos and photos that has been posted on Instagram with utmost precision. Once you download these media files, note that you can go ahead and share them on other platforms, edit or even store them for future reference.

How does Picnob work?

It is imperative to note that Picnob relies on Instagram Application Platform Interface (API) in order to obtain information and media that a user wants. With this tool at hand, you will not only be able to download media files of any Instagram but also have an opportunity to view it secretly. To utilize Picnob, here are the steps that you ought to follow:

  • Go to your computer or laptop and then click picnob.com
  • Key in the username of the Instagram account you want to view its media files in the username search bar that you will see on the screen.
  • Once you enter the username, trust that you will be able to see all the accounts that bear that username.
  • Choose your preferred account and you will be able to see the media files posted on that account. These media files include videos, photos, tagged photos, IGTV, and so on.
  • Suppose you want to download any of those photos or videos, tap on the download option that is located blow the post.
  • Within a few minutes, your selected media file will be downloaded into your device.
  • Since all these media files will be downloaded in their original resolution, trust that they will still be of high quality and thus will suit your needs.

What makes Picnob great?

Picnob boasts of having incredible features that makes it ideal for all Instagram fans. Like we mentioned above, this tool plays an instrumental tool in enabling you not to view Instagram media files but also to download them on the go. Here are the features that make this tool stand out from its peers:

  • Anonymous story viewing: If you want to view stories posted on Instagram anonymously, be sure that Picnob will not disappoint you. Here, you will be able to view different story updates in real time without essentially having to reveal your identity. Consequently, your privacy will not be compromised.
  • It allows you to download high quality media files:This tool boasts of allowing different users to download various media files on Instagram in their original quality. As a result, your offline Instagram experience will be greatly enhanced.
  • User-friendly interface:Unlike other conventional tools, this one comes with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you will have a field day navigating on this platform. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user, be sure that this tool will be easy to use.
  • It allows you to download media files in bulk:Suppose you want to download several media files on Instagram at a go, trust that this tool will not disappoint you. This feature is more ideal for those users who want to compile several media files together for offline viewing. As a result, it enables you to save more effort and time in the long run.
  • Ease of access: Apart from the features that we have discussed above, this one take pride in ensuring that the user is able to access it using any internet-enabled device. Whether you are using a computer or a smartphone, be certain that you will be able to access this platform and use it to view and download various Instagram media files.
  • Fast download process:When it comes to downloading different Instagram media files, this app does not disappoint as it allows you get started fast. This means that you will not have to wait for several hours for you to download the desired media files. As a result, you will have ample time to concentrate on other critical issues out there.
  • No need to log in:This tool does not require you to log into your Instagram account for you to view and download the media files you want. This way, you can be sure that your Instagram’s account security will not be compromised whatsoever. All that is needed is your Instagram’s ID and you will be all set.
  • No charges: The other attribute that makes this tool incredible for Instagram users is that it is free to use. Here, you will not be subjected to any subscription fees. Additionally, you will not be charged any hidden fees.
  • Easy to manage several Instagram accounts:Managing several Instagram accounts can be a cumbersome undertaking. However, Picnob makes it this undertaking easy and straightforward. Interestingly, this tool allows you to switch between different Instagram account, thereby allowing you to view and download media files without having to essentially log in every now and then.

How does Picnob compare with other similar tools?

By now, you have an idea of what Picnob is and what it can do for you. Since you already know this, time is ripe for you to know how this tool compares with other similar tools. Continue reading in order to discover more.

  • Instagram App:With this app on your device, you will have the luxury to post and view various Instagram media files. However, you will not be able to download them on your device. Fortunately, Picnob allows you to view and download those media files on your device.
  • Other Instagram viewers:Although you might be able to view videos and images using other Instagram viewers, the bad news is that they might not be able to offer a comprehensive view of this platform. This is where Picnob comes in as it allows you to browse through different profiles, view videos and images, look for hashtags anonymously and still get a comprehensive view of everything.
  • 3rdparty downloaders: While there are several 3rd party downloaders that work the same way Picnob does, it is important to note that most of them are not reliable. This is because they might have malware that can damage your device. Luckily, Picnob is both safe and reliable to use.


From the article above, it is true to say that Picnob has brought a paradigm shift in the way people use Instagram. From allowing you to view images and videos to enabling you download them in your device, there are many benefits that come with this tool. All you need to do is to visit Picnob official website and then get started. With this tool and hand, you will be able to get the most out of Instagram.