Jasmin Renna is a regular personality, who came into light and got famous after marrying a famous celebrity- Patrick Renna. She’s a partial owner of Hambino, a clothing brand along with some partners.

In this article, we’ll throw light on the personal life, career, relationships, and a lot more about Jasmin.

Personal Life

She’s an American and got married on October 6, 2006. Jasmin is a mom of two kids, where, first kid, Flynn Maxwell Renna was born on April 14, 2017. The other kid is Liam Renna who is still a baby in the year 2023. Liam was born on June 6, 2020.

She’s been living a very simple and secret life, which is why no one is sure about any of her personal details apart from what’ mentioned here in this article.


Jasmin is a partner in a brand Hambino, which offers sportswear. She’s a co-founder of the brand along with the partners- Jessie Willner and Patrick.

Let’s see more about her brand Hambino, because that’s where she’s involved the most. Any purchases made at the Hambino online store are directly said to be linked to the Hambino Foundation. They’re involved in building baseball fields in any suitable empty plots, offering sports equipment, and developing the sports infrastructure at a local level.

Jasmin’s life is more inclined towards the betterment of people in the sports and/or people who’re linked to the sports world, such as local level sports enthusiasts, who might one day, turn into a great athlete if given proper resources.

Social Media Presence

Jasmin is active on Instagram where she keeps her fans posted about the latest happenings in her life. She constantly keeps sharing posts about her family and there’s not much information about her career or something else on her social media.

Jasmin’s Love Life

Jasmin has been married to Patrick since the year 2006 and their love life has been stable since then. In fact, they even made 2 kids together and there’s no rumor of Jasmin or her husband being dating someone else or being involved in extra marital affairs. This clears that the duo love each other so much, that their love life is well-settled and have a stable marriage.

Jasmin’s Husband: Patrick

Patrick is the main reason why Jasmin has gained so much name and fame today. So let’s take a look at Patrick now.

Patrick Renna is an American actor who gained prominence for his role as Hamilton “Ham” Porter in the 1993 sports comedy film “The Sandlot.” Born on March 3, 1979, in Boston, Massachusetts, Renna began his acting career at a young age.

His portrayal of Ham Porter, a humorous and memorable character in “The Sandlot,” earned him recognition and a place in pop culture history. The film follows a group of young friends who spend their summer days playing baseball and navigating childhood adventures.


So far, we have learned that Patrick’s wife Jasmin has a good love life, relationship with her husband, and her family. She’s famous due to her husband and has a good social media presence.