In the world of professional sports, the limelight often shines brightly on the athletes, but it also casts a glow on those who stand beside them, offering unwavering support. Kisha Chavis, the second wife of retired NBA player Joe Smith, is one such individual whose presence adds a layer of depth to the story of a basketball legend’s life.

Personal Information

Kisha Chavis, a proud American citizen, keeps the details of her personal life closely guarded. Little is known about her family background or upbringing, as she prefers to maintain a low profile. In today’s age of social media saturation, her absence from these platforms is notable, further emphasizing her inclination towards privacy.

As for her assets and professional pursuits, they remain largely undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to her character.

Kisha’s Husband–Joe Smith

Joe Smith, Kisha Chavis’ spouse, etched his name into the annals of basketball history with a remarkable NBA career. Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Smith was destined for greatness on the court. In 1995, he was selected as Maryland’s School Player of the Year, a precursor to a promising professional journey.

Smith’s NBA career spanned an impressive 16 years, during which he played as a power forward for twelve different teams. His journey began with the Golden State Warriors in 1995, and he went on to don the jerseys of notable franchises such as the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks, Denver Nuggets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Oklahoma City Thunder, to name a few.

Notably, Smith’s love for music extended beyond the basketball court, leading him to release a solo rap album under the alias ‘Joe Beast,’ featuring tracks like “Murda Kapital” and “I Does This.”

Kisha And Joe’s Marriage

While Kisha Chavis may not court the limelight herself, her presence in Joe Smith’s life is palpable. The couple’s journey became public knowledge when their wedding was featured on the reality show “Say Yes to the Dress.” Through the lens of reality TV, viewers caught a glimpse of the bond between Kisha and Joe, a testament to their enduring relationship.

The love story between Kisha and Joe began years before their engagement in 2016. Their connection, nurtured over time, culminated in a commitment to spend their lives together. Kisha’s appearance on an Atlanta TV show, “Wedding Dress,” with three of her friends added a touch of glamour to their journey.

Joe Smith’s Previous Marriage

Before Kisha Chavis entered Joe Smith’s life, he was married to Yolanda Smith. The two shared a history that included years of dating before taking their relationship to the next level. The exact date of their wedding remains undisclosed.

From their union, Joe and Yolanda welcomed two children into the world. Their family grew further when they adopted a daughter named Alana. However, in 2011, their marital bliss took a downturn when Yolanda filed for divorce, citing Joe’s alleged infidelity with Deanna Marie.

Kisha’s Career and Net Worth

Kisha Chavis, primarily recognized as a model, has gained a degree of prominence due to her association with former NBA player Joe Smith. In the heyday of her husband’s basketball career, he amassed an impressive fortune, estimated at around $62 million. However, as of 2021, Kisha finds herself leading a comfortable life despite her spouse’s financial challenges, demonstrating her ability to maintain financial stability even in challenging circumstances.