The person today we are going to talk about has already died in early 2000 but is famous even today because of his father, Harold Nicholas, who was a famous American dancer. Today, Melih Nicholas as well as his father are dead but their legacy is alive.

In this article, we are going to discuss early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details about Melih Nicholas.

Personal life 

Melih Nicholas was born in 1958 to Harold Nicholas and his second wife Elyanne Patronne. This is the only confirmed information available about the early life of Melih Nicholas. The birthplace of Melih Nicholas is a matter of debate. According to some sources, he was born in Paris France while the sources suggest his birthplace to be California US. The authenticity of this fact is still not confirmed.

If we talk about the love life of Melih Nicholas, nothing confirmed available on this either. According to some sources, he was married to Janice F. Stout. However, this has never been confirmed by Melih Nicholas himself. Moving on, Melih Nicholas left the world at the young age of 45 in 2003.

Parents and Siblings 

Melih Nicholas was the only child of his parents, Harold Nicholas and his second wife Elyanne Patronne. His father got married 3 times in his life and had two kids. Given the fact, Melih Nicholas had one step-sister and her name was Harolyn Suzanne. As for the personal lives of his parents, when did they marry and how long their marriage lasted is also not confirmed.

On the professional front, you already know that the father of Melih Nicholas was a famous dancer. On the other hand, no information is available on the profession of his mother.


Like many other life details of Melih Nicholas, it is also not confirmed whether or not Melih Nicholas had children.

Education and profession 

You are unlikely to get any information about the education as well as profession of Melih Nicholas because this information have not been revealed by Melih Nicholas himself. We just hope Melih Nicholas was professionally as successful as his father.

Reason for the popularity of Melih Nicholas

After reading the article so far you would have definitely understood what is actually the main reason for the popularity of Melih Nicholas. Yes, it is his father, Harold Nicholas, who was a renowned dancer at that time. The name of his father is alive even today because of his extraordinary dancing talent.

Net worth of Melih Nicholas

Since Melih Nicholas has not revealed any information about his profession and earnings, estimating his exact net worth is not possible. As for the net worth of his celebrity father, Harold Nicholas, he was estimated to have around 1 to 5 million when he died in 2000.


Though not much information is available about the life of Melih Nicholas, we expect that he must have lived a good lifestyle because he was the son of a celebrity father.