Jacqueline De Croisset was a French socialite, who is today best recognized for being the ex-spouse of Russian actor Yul Brynner. Jacqueline De Croisset is a dead personality today but she is still known because of her husband.

Here are going to disclose about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

There is not much information available about the early life of Jacqueline De Croisset. The only confirmed thing about her is that she was born in 1932 and held French Nationality. Other than that, you will not get any information about the early life of Jacqueline De Croisset including the names of parents and exact date of birth.

Speaking of the married life of Jacqueline De Croisset, she got married twice in her life. First, she got married to Philippe de Croisset. After his death, she tied the knot with Russian actor Yul Brynner in 1971. However, the marriage could not last long and they ended with a divorce in 1981. After the failure of this marriage, Jacqueline De Croisset probably did not marry again. After living a long and happy life, Jacqueline De Croisset left the world in 2013.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you there is no information available on the family background of Jacqueline De Croisset. This is the reason that nothing is available about her parents as well as her siblings.


Jacqueline De Croisset probably did not have any biological kids. She adopted two kids when she was married to Russian actor Yul Brynner. The names of adopted children are Mia and Melody, who are Vietnamese and were adopted respectively in 1974 and 75. Apart from the names, no more information is available about the daughters of Jacqueline De Croisset.

Education and profession

Here again, finding out any confirmed information about the education of Jacqueline De Croisset is not possible because she hasn’t revealed any details regarding that. If we talk about her profession, she has worked as a socialite. How long she was active in her profession and whether or not she was involved in any other profession is not confirmed.

Reason for the popularity of Jacqueline De Croisset

As you might expect the only reason for the popularity of Jacqueline De Croisset is Yul Brynner, who was the ex-husband of Jacqueline De Croisset and was greatly successful in his professional career. The couple remained married for 10 years and grabbed huge public attention during these years.

Net worth of Jacqueline De Croisset

With the fact that Jacqueline De Croisset works as a socialite in her life, it can be said that she must have a  good amount of money. However, the exact figures of her net worth are not known. If you talk about the net worth of her ex-husband, who was a renowned actor during his time, has an estimated net worth of around 10 million when he died in 1985.


Jacqueline De Croisset was a famous personality during her time and she got married to a more famous person. This skyrocketed her popularity and made her popular worldwide forever.