Debbra Yeung is the daughter of the famous Bolo Yeung. Her father has appeared in numerous martial arts films, and his success and fame have played a role in bringing the limelight to Debbra. Although Debbra has a private life, we can’t miss a thing or two about her and her family. Anything we have about Debbra Yeung will be shared in this post. Read on!

Debra Yeung’s Biography

Being the daughter of a famous martial arts expert and film actor has its benefits. Debbra Yeung is the daughter of Bolo Yeung. If you’ve watched Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, you must have met Bolo.

Debbra’s mother is unknown, as Bolo Yeung keeps a private life and doesn’t share details about his wife. However, we know that Debbra has siblings. His brothers are Danny and David Yeung. David and Debbra followed their father’s path and are both bodybuilders. Moreover, David is an actor. As for Danny, he is a businessman.

Debbra has kept a private life, and we have no information about her early life, education, etc. She doesn’t share details about her life. We only know that she is a bodybuilder who has followed in her father’s footsteps. Moreover, she is married to Ann McKnight, who is also a bodybuilder. The couple follows their passion for bodybuilding and don’t have any kids so far.

Who is Debbra Yeung’s Father

As earlier mentioned, Debbra appears in the searches courtesy of her father. She is currently famous as the daughter of Bolo Yeung. There is a lot we can talk about regarding Debbra’s father.

Debbra’s father was born on July 3, 1946. He is a former bodybuilder, martial artist, and film actor. Debbra’s father began his martial arts at age 10. He received training from various kung fu masters. While growing up, he became interested in bodybuilding and went on to become Hing Kong’s bodybuilding champion for nearly ten years.

His muscular physique helped shape his career. The Shaw Brothers found him an ideal figure to act as a villain in different films. While with the Shaw Brothers, he played as a villain in different films, including The Deadly Duo, The Heroic Ones, Angry Guest, etc.

While filming a commercial advert, Bolo Yeung met Bruce Lee, and the two grew their friendship. Out of this friendship, Bruce Lee invited Bolo to join him in acting in Enter the Dragon. He played “Bolo,” and the film was a hit, something that significantly boosted his fame.

The two became great friends, and Bruce Lee helped Bolo in grooming his career. He acted in numerous martial arts films. Another key milestone was when he acted with Jean-Claude Van Damme in the Bloodsport. The film became a box office hit, and Van Damme invited Bolo to feature in his other film.

Bolo has acted in over 10 martial arts films. At this age, he is retired and living a peaceful life. His children are following in his footsteps, and we will keep an eye out to see what the future has in store for them.