Carol Vigoda-Fuchs is the daughter of the late Abe Vigoda, an American actor, and his first wife, Sonja Gohlke. She was the only child and had a good relationship with her father even after he separated from her mother.

Persona Life

Regarding her personal life, Carol Vigoda-Fuchs is married; however, her husband’s name has not been mentioned. She has three children, a daughter Jamie and two sons, Steven and Paul. Carol is also a grandmother to at least one grandchild. Carol Vigoda-Fuchs was unhappy when her father was not included in the 2017 Academy Awards show’s memorial reel.

Carol was disappointed that despite the energy and talent that her father brought to the acting industry, he was not included in the memorial reel segment of the show. She said that her father’s omission left a hole in her heart.

Her Father’s Acting Career

Carol’s father started his acting career in 1947, and he worked with the American Theatre Wing. He appeared in several Broadway productions, including The Man in the Glass Booth, Marat/ Sade, Tough to Get Help, and Inquest. Abe Vigoda became more famous when he portrayed Salvatore Tessio in the television show The Godfather in 1972.

Abe Vigoda auditioned for the role of Phil Fish in the show Barney Miller; he convinced the directors that he was the perfect fit for his performance. The role gained him more fame, and he will go on to be featured in several other film and television shows.

Frequent Mistaken Reports of Her Father’s Death

Before Carol Vigoda’s father died in 2016, he had mistakenly reported death severally. When he was 60, he was reported dead by People magazine; Abe was not mad about the whole issue and took it for good humor. Jeff Jarvis, who worked in People, mentioned that editors were messing up, and even after corrections, the wrong document, not the edited version, was printed.

A reporter working for WWOR in Secaucus, New Jersey, mistakenly referred to Carol’s father as late, but she realized her mistake and corrected it the following day. After appearing on the show Good Burger and gaining popularity, he met a fan while shopping who told him that he looked like Abe Vigoda, but he was not him because Abe was already dead.

While appearing on the show Late Night with David Letterman, David tried to summon Carol’s father’s ghost, but Vigoda appeared and said he was not dead yet. There were many reports about his mistaken death, but Carol’s father mentioned that he was okay and made fun of the reports of his death.

Carol’s Father’s Actual Death

Given multiple reports of his death, Abe Vigoda moved to her daughter’s place in Woodland Park, New Jersey, to spend his last days with his grandchildren and avoid any health issues. He died in his sleep on January 26, 2016, aged 94, due to old age. During his burial, notable stars who came to the event include mayor David Dinkins, comedian Jeff Ross, and Gilbert Gottfried.

Carol Vigoda’s father’s remains were interred at the Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, New York City, United States.