Carly Haack has made a name for herself as a marine biologist, scuba diver, and author. She is also widely recognized as the younger sister of Christina Hall, the beloved HGTV star and host of Flip or Flop. Carly has inspired many with her remarkable achievements and dedication to her craft.

In this article, we will delve into Carly’s personal life, her impressive career, her family background, and her net worth. Join us on a journey to discover the remarkable woman behind the name.

Early Life and Education

Carly Haack was born on August 25, 1993, in Anaheim, California, United States. Growing up in a white American family, Carly was the youngest of two siblings, with her older sister, Christina Hall, by her side.

Although her parents divorced when she was young, Carly and her sister were raised by their strong-willed and supportive mother. Carly’s passion for the ocean and marine life ignited at a young age. After completing her high school education at Canyon High School in Anaheim, California, she pursued her dreams by enrolling at San Diego State University.

In 2015, Carly graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, equipped with the knowledge and skills to embark on an exciting career in her field.

A Rising Star in Marine Biology

Carly Haack’s journey in marine biology began soon after she graduated from San Diego State University. She started working as a research scuba diver for the SONGS Mitigation and Monitoring program, where she conducted valuable research to help protect and preserve marine ecosystems. Her dedication and expertise led her to various opportunities, including working as a marine biologist in Australia.

Carly’s Supportive Family

Carly Haack’s close-knit family has played a pivotal role in shaping her journey and supporting her every step of the way. Her parents, Martin Hall and Jeanette Hall provided a loving and nurturing environment for Carly and her sister Christina. Although Carly’s parents divorced when she was young, their unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in her success.

Carly’s sister, Christina Hall, is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, particularly for her role as a real estate investor and TV personality. Christina’s accomplishments and influence have undoubtedly inspired Carly to pursue her dreams fearlessly. The bond between the sisters is evident, as they often accompany each other on various adventures and share a deep love and admiration for one another.

Carly Haack’s Net Worth

Carly Haack’s dedication to her career and her numerous accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. While her primary focus has been on her work as a marine biologist and author, Carly has also garnered significant attention as the sister of a prominent TV personality. As of 2023, Carly Haack’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.


Carly Haack’s journey is one of passion, success, and inspiration. From her early fascination with the ocean to becoming a respected marine biologist, Carly’s dedication to her craft has propelled her to heights. Carly continues to inspire others to explore and protect the ocean’s wonders through her book and her work in the scientific community.

With her robust support system, including her loving family and sister Christina Hall, Carly has found the encouragement and inspiration to pursue her dreams fearlessly. Her net worth is a testament to her achievements and her impact in her chosen fields.