Ava McEnroe is the youngest child of the ex-tennis player John McEnroe. The 24 years, as of 2023, has been in the spotlight because of being John McEnroe’s daughter. Like her father, Ava was an active tennis player in college and held a position, making her popular.

Ava is the fifth child of John McEnroe and the third child of her mother. Ava has three half-siblings and an elder sister called Anna McEnroe and Ruby Hell. Her other siblings are Sean, Kevion, and Emily McEnroe, who was born by her first from his first marriage.

Ava McEnroe started drawing attention since her appearance in Mario Tennis Aces, a video game in which her father also appeared. Ava’s involvement in the video game displays her connection with tennis, which she has been showing since her college days.

Ava McEnroe’s Bio

Ava McEnroe was born on March 28, 1999, in New York City as the daughter of John McEnroe and Patty Smyth. Ava has an elder sister called Anna, who she grew up with in New York City.

Moreover, Ava has other siblings who were born by her father from his first marriage. Kevin McEnroe is one of Ava’s half-siblings and is a recognized writer. Kevin’ is recognized for being the author of a novel called Our Town.

In Kevi’s novel, he talks about her mother’s addiction struggle and how he played a major role in supporting her to overcome it. Kevin is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million, which he has gained from his passion for writing.

Ava has another half-sibling called Sean O’Neal, a recognized photographer in Los Angeles. In 2016, Sean held his first solo exhibition, where his main focus was Nepal’s 2015 earthquake. Sean made a huge earning from the exhibition, and he was generous enough to donate a quarter of his earnings to CITTA, a non-profit organization.

Ava was a bright student, and she attended one of the prestigious schools in New York. She joined Dalton School in Manhattan, where she did well, and joined Brown University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Ava was an active member of the tennis team of Brown University, and she held a co-chair position for Brwon Democrats. Her career guided Ava, and she developed a passion for social justice and human rights.

Who Are Ava McEnroe’s Parents

Patty Smyth and John McEnroe are the parents of Ava. Ava’s parents are wealthy people, and although they have retired from their careers, they are investors who have ensured their future is secured financially.

Ava’s parents have been in marriage for over two decades, and they met while at a party in 1993. At the time of their meeting, McEnroe was separated from his ex-wife while Smyth was raising her daughter Ruby.

Ava’s mother is an established singer, and she has established her wealth through her singing career. Moreover, Ava’s mother is very wise, and she has established herself as an entrepreneur by venturing into investments alongside her husband.

Ava’s parents started dating eight months after first meeting, and since then, they have remained faithful to each other.