In a heartwarming turn of events, Jason Kelce, the celebrated center of the Philadelphia Eagles, has stepped into a new role in life: that of a proud father. Alongside his wife, Kylie, the couple recently welcomed their newborn daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, into the world. This article shares the delightful news of this precious addition to the Kelce family. Let’s dive into the details and celebrate this joyous moment with the couple.

A Glimpse of Happiness

This week, Jason Kelce and his wife, Kylie, had the privilege of welcoming their beautiful daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, to their loving arms. In a heartwarming gesture, the Philadelphia Eagles organization shared an adorable photo of the mother and baby, evoking warmth and delight.

A CheerfuAdd Newl Arrival

In the captivating photo, little Wyatt Elizabeth is seen raising two tiny fingers, capturing the hearts of everyone who laid eyes on the picture. Jason Kelce couldn’t resist injecting some humor into the announcement, jokingly stating in a social media caption that his daughter had “chunked up the deuces on her way out.”

Overwhelming Support

Fans wasted no time showering the Kelce family with congratulatory messages and well wishes. Some even playfully inquired if young Wyatt could potentially excel as a cornerback, clearly reflecting the immense admiration and excitement surrounding the football star’s family. In a show of creativity, enthusiasts even edited the photo, adding a miniature Mummer’s hat to the baby’s head—a nod to Jason Kelce’s memorable attire during the city’s first-ever Super Bowl parade in February 2018. This unique ensemble paid tribute to the vibrant and lively annual New Year parade in Philadelphia.

A New Chapter Begins

As Jason Kelce embarks on this new chapter of his life as a father, fans eagerly anticipate the moments he will share with his daughter. With his unwavering commitment and dedication on the football field, there is no doubt that he will carry these qualities into his role as a loving parent.


The arrival of baby Wyatt Elizabeth has filled the Kelce household with immeasurable joy and boundless love. Jason Kelce, known for his indomitable spirit on the football field, now embraces the challenges and blessings of parenthood. As fans and well-wishers extend their congratulations, the Kelce family can revel in the knowledge that they have the support of an entire community. Let us join in celebrating this special moment and wish the Kelces a lifetime of happiness and cherished memories with their darling daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth.