Zaviera Maxwell is known to the public primarily as the daughter of American rapper Fetty Wap, born Willie Junior Maxwell II. Although details about Zaviera’s life are limited given her young age and the privacy her family maintains, her father’s fame in the music industry brings her a certain level of attention.

Dad’s Career: Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap rose to prominence in 2015 with his blockbuster hit “Trap Queen,” a song that captured audiences worldwide and dominated the charts. The New Jersey native went on to release other hit singles like “679” and “My Way,” securing his place in the contemporary rap and hip-hop scenes.

Fetty Wap’s unique style blends elements of rap, R&B, and even electronic music, setting him apart from many of his peers.

With multiple award nominations, including at the Grammy Awards, Fetty Wap’s impact on music has been significant, which indirectly has made Zaviera Maxwell a subject of public interest.

Birth Details

The exact birth details for Zaviera Maxwell are not publicly disclosed to protect her privacy, as she is a minor. However, it is known that she is one of Fetty Wap’s multiple children.

Personal Life

Information on Zaviera’s personal life is scant, likely by design to protect her privacy. Being the child of a famous individual inherently puts one in the public eye, but it also means that privacy can be a scarce commodity. One can speculate that she is afforded certain privileges due to her father’s success, but what she chooses to do with those opportunities remains to be seen.


Details about Zaviera’s educational background are not publicly known, but it’s reasonable to assume that she has access to quality education due to her father’s financial resources. Depending on her interests, she could go on to study in any number of fields, and given her family background, the arts would not be a surprising choice.

Family Members

Zaviera is one of several children that Fetty Wap has. Her family is blended and consists of half-siblings from both her father’s and mother’s sides. Each of them, like Zaviera, shares a portion of their lives in the limelight due to their father’s prominence in the music industry.

Reasons for Popularity

Zaviera Maxwell’s public recognition is undoubtedly linked to her father’s stardom. Children of celebrities often attract public attention, whether they seek it or not. This interest can offer unique opportunities but also comes with its own set of challenges, including maintaining privacy and personal identity separate from the fame of one’s parents.

The Future

While it’s too early to say what path Zaviera Maxwell will choose for herself, her father’s success and public profile provide her with unique opportunities. Whether she chooses to step into the world of entertainment like her father or carve out her own distinct path in another field, she will likely do so with the advantages and challenges that come with being born into a well-known family.


Zaviera Maxwell may be best known as the daughter of Fetty Wap, but she is a young individual with her own life, aspirations, and potential. Though much about her remains private, her familial ties to a music industry star make her a subject of public interest.