Wilder Towne Helberg is the second child of Simon Helberg and his wife, Jocelyn Towne. Wilder Towne Helberg’s older sister is Adeline.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Mother

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Mother, Jocelyn Towne, is an American producer, director and actress. Her parents welcomed their bundle of joy in Santa Monica, California, on August 8 1976. Jocelyn Towne’s mother was French, while her father was American. In 2013, Wilder Towne Helberg’s Mother, Jocelyn Towne, acquired French citizenship. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father’s Early Life

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father’s full name is Simon Maxwell Helberg. He is an American comedian and actor born in Los Angeles on December 9 1980. Simon Helberg’s father is Sandy Helberg, an actor, and his mother is Harriet Helberg.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father grew up as Jewish. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father, Simon Helberg, attended Crossroads School in California’s Santa Monica for his high school and middle school. He later went to Tisch School of Arts at the New York University. At the institution, Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father trained at Atlantic Theater Company.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Mother’s Career

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Mother, Jocelyn Towne, has made several TV and film appearances in minor roles. They include Gilmore Girls in 2007, Havoc in 2005 and The Selling in 2011. Furthermore, she was also in other films, namely  The Pity Card, Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse, and Derek and Simon: The Show.

In 2013, Wilder Towne Helberg’s Mother began her directing career with I Am I. In 2014, she co-directed We’ll Never Have Paris with her husband, Simon Helberg.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father’s Career

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father, Simon Helberg, performed alongside Derek Waters, a comedian in the Derek & Simon comedy duo in early 2000.

He is famous for appearing in The Big Bang Theory, a CBS sitcom as Howard Wolowitz. The series helped him win the “Critics’ Choice Television Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series”.

Furthermore, Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father is known for appearing in the film “Florence Foster Jenkins” in 2016. He received a Best Supporting Actor nomination in the Golden Globe Award after appearing in the film.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father, Simon Helberg, appeared on MADtv, a sketch comedy series. In addition, Simon Helberg performed in films including Old School (2003), Good Night, and Good Luck (2005). Furthermore, he also appeared in 2007’s Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, A Serious Man in 2009 and 2021’s Annette.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Parent’s Marriage

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father, Simon Helberg, married Jocelyn Towne on July 7, 2007. Jocelyn Towne is Robert Towne’s niece, a screenwriter. Simon Helberg obtained French citizenship through Wilder Towne Helberg’s mother to get the conductor’s role in Annett. The film opened 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father’s Net Worth

Wilder Towne Helberg’s Father, Simon Helberg, is a successful person with a net worth of approximately $55 million. In 2018, Simon Helberg was third among Forbes’s highest-paid TV actors, and his revenue rose to $23.5 million in the year.