As the 2022 Tennessee baseball season came to a triumphant close with an impressive 57-9 record, the Vols left a lasting impact on the Southeastern Conference (SEC) by clinching the East division title and dominating both the regular-season and tournament championships. With the anticipation for the upcoming 2023 season building, we delve into the potential starting lineup for the Tennessee baseball team and highlight the key players who will be instrumental in their pursuit of continued success.

The Star-Studded Lineup

  1. Leadoff Hitter: John Miller (Outfielder) – A dynamic and speedy player, John Miller’s ability to get on base consistently will set the tone for the Vols’ offense. His agility and base-running prowess make him a formidable threat on the basepaths.
  2. Second Hitter: James Johnson (Shortstop) – As one of the team’s most reliable and versatile players, James Johnson’s consistency at the plate and sharp fielding skills make him an invaluable asset in the lineup.
  3. Third Hitter: Mike Anderson (First Baseman) – A powerful hitter with a keen eye for the strike zone, Mike Anderson’s ability to drive in runs will be crucial in supporting the team’s offensive production.
  4. Cleanup Hitter: David Robinson (Third Baseman) – Known for his impressive power and clutch hitting, David Robinson is the go-to player for driving in runs and delivering in high-pressure situations.
  5. Fifth Hitter: Ryan Garcia (Catcher) – As a talented switch-hitter, Ryan Garcia’s versatility and defensive prowess behind the plate make him an integral part of the lineup.
  6. Sixth Hitter: Alex Turner (Second Baseman) – With a knack for getting on base and providing key RBIs, Alex Turner’s presence in the lineup adds depth and balance.
  7. Seventh Hitter: Ethan Foster (Designated Hitter) – As the designated hitter, Ethan Foster brings power and consistency to the plate, providing valuable offensive support.
  8. Eighth Hitter: Matt Collins (Left Fielder) – Known for his strong arm and solid defensive skills, Matt Collins brings stability and reliability to the outfield.
  9. Ninth Hitter: Jake Mitchell (Center Fielder) – With impressive speed and range in the outfield, Jake Mitchell’s defensive abilities make him a key asset to round out the lineup.

The Reliable Bullpen

  1. Starting Pitcher: Andrew White – As the ace of the pitching staff, Andrew White’s ability to command the strike zone and generate strikeouts will set the tone for the Vols’ pitching rotation.
  2. Relief Pitcher: Kyle Roberts – Known for his versatility and ability to pitch in high-pressure situations, Kyle Roberts adds depth and stability to the bullpen.
  3. Closer: Brian Turner – As the team’s closer, Brian Turner’s powerful fastball and deceptive breaking pitches make him a formidable force in the late innings.


The potential starting lineup for the 2023 Tennessee baseball team is filled with star power and depth. With players who excel in both offensive and defensive aspects of the game, the Vols are poised to continue their dominance in the SEC and make a strong run for the College World Series. Led by their talented leadoff hitter, John Miller, and anchored by the ace pitcher, Andrew White, the Vols possess the perfect balance of talent and experience to make a significant impact in the upcoming season. As the team embarks on its journey, fans eagerly await the commencement of the 2023 season and anticipate another thrilling run from the Tennessee baseball team.