Rogelio Baena is a businessman and former husband of Mildred Patricia Baena, who gained notoriety for her affair with the famous actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this article, we will delve into the life of Rogelio Baena, his relationship with Mildred, their divorce, and what he is up to now.

Early Life and Background

Rogelio Baena, a native of the United States, was born in the 1950s. Unfortunately, details about his exact birthdate and birthplace remain unknown. He holds Colombian nationality and comes from a Colombian background.

Not much information is available about Rogelio’s early life, including his family, parents, and siblings. However, it is believed that he pursued higher education and possibly holds a degree in business.

Meeting Mildred Patricia and Relationship

In the mid-1980s, Rogelio Baena crossed paths with Mildred Patricia, who would later become his wife. They first met at a nightclub and their connection grew quickly. The couple tied the knot in 1987, marking the beginning of their journey together.

Mildred Patricia, a housekeeper, had been working at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood mansion for over two decades since the 1990s. It was during her time as a maid for the actor that she and Rogelio developed a secret romantic relationship. This affair unfolded while Schwarzenegger was still married to Maria Shriver.

The Birth of Joseph Baena

During their affair, Mildred Patricia became pregnant and gave birth to a son named Joseph Baena on October 2, 1997. Initially, Rogelio Baena was listed as the child’s father on the birth certificate. However, as Joseph grew older, it became apparent that he bore a striking resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It wasn’t until later that Rogelio learned the truth about Joseph’s paternity. Mildred Patricia confessed to him that Arnold Schwarzenegger was, in fact, Joseph’s biological father. This revelation undoubtedly caused a great deal of turmoil and heartbreak for Rogelio.

Divorce and Aftermath

The truth about Mildred Patricia’s affair and Joseph’s true parentage eventually came to light. In 2008, Rogelio Baena and Mildred Patricia filed for divorce after ten years of marriage. The divorce was finalized in 2012, with Mildred being granted a divorce on a default judgment.

Following the divorce, Mildred Patricia moved to Bakersfield, California, where she currently resides with her children. She is reportedly dating her boyfriend, Alex Aguia. On the other hand, not much is known about Rogelio Baena’s life after the divorce. He has chosen to maintain a low profile and has not disclosed any details about his personal life or current endeavors.

Previous Marriage and Children

Before marrying Rogelio Baena, Mildred Patricia was previously married to a Colombian citizen named Humberto Rozo. Together, they had two children, Jerry Rozo and Jacqueline “Jackie” Rozo. Jackie Rozo was born in 1984.

Mildred Patricia filed for divorce from Rozo in 1985, and their divorce was finalized later that year. Details about her previous marriage and her relationship with her children from that marriage are relatively scarce.

Legal Matters and Allegations

In 2011, it was reported that Rogelio Baena had contemplated suing Arnold Schwarzenegger over allegations of falsifying Joseph’s birth certificate. Lawyers representing Rogelio claimed that if Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena were aware of the true paternity, they conspired to fabricate a public record, which is a significant offense in California.

However, the outcome of these alleged legal proceedings remains unclear, as no further information or updates regarding the lawsuit have been made public.

Rogelio Baena’s Net Worth

Rogelio Baena has managed to keep his net worth and financial details under wraps. Consequently, there is no concrete information available regarding his wealth. It is believed that Mildred Patricia received a substantial financial settlement from Arnold Schwarzenegger, her former employer.

As for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor and businessman has amassed a considerable net worth of $400 million through his successful career in acting and other business ventures.


Rogelio Baena’s life took a dramatic turn when his ex-wife Mildred Patricia’s affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger was revealed, along with the truth about their son Joseph’s paternity. Their divorce marked the end of their tumultuous relationship, and Rogelio has since chosen to keep a low profile.

While the details of his current life and endeavors remain unknown, the story of Rogelio Baena will forever be intertwined with the scandal involving Mildred Patricia and Arnold Schwarzenegger.