Raquel Donofrio is the daughter of American television personality Angela Raiola. Angela was known for her appearances in the reality series Mob Wives. Raquel is not the only child of the late Angela; she has a younger brother named Anthony Donofrio. Raquel’s early childhood details are vague, but she was born on January 13, 1985, in New York City, United States.

Personal Life

Raquel appeared in the reality shows her mother starred in; for instance, she appeared in Miami Monkey for some time. She is a charming person, and those who know her value her. She loves her brother and sometimes posts him, declaring how much she loves him.

Regarding her love life, Raquel Donofrio has been secretive about who she dating or her husband. Besides, she has not revealed how many children she has, but she sometimes posts their pictures on her Instagram page. Raquel Donofrio sometimes takes pictures of herself and four children; therefore, it is worth believing she has four kids.

Education and Career

Raquel Donofrio studied at the college level, but little is known about her high school or university. Besides, she has not revealed what she majored in while in college. Moving to her professional life, Raquel Donofrio has kept a low profile and has not mentioned what she does to earn a living. However, some sources mention that Raquel is a teacher, but she has yet to set the record straight.


In 2016, after her mother’s death, Raquel Donofrio hit the headlines; there was news that she was not speaking to her aunt Janine and did not want to meet or speak to her. She shared some information on her social media platforms about how she does not like her. On the other hand, her aunt replied that she was surprised by her niece’s comments and had nothing against her. Before her death, Angela mentioned that she was the glue that kept her family together, and she feared that it would be dysfunctional once she was gone.

Her Mother

Raquel’s mother lived a gangster life, and she liked dating criminals and gangsters. She associated herself with drug dealers, and in 2001, she was arrested and convicted for her role in narcotics operations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. According to detectives, Angela acted as a street drug distributor since she sold the drugs through her workplace at the bar.

Raquel’s mother’s case was built on evidence from an undercover agent and a confidential informant; initially, she denied her involvement with drug cartels. However, she pleaded guilty after two years and was put on three years probation. Despite her abundant life, Angela appeared in reality shows such as Miami Monkey and Mob Wives.

Raquel Donofrio’s mother died on February 18, 2016, aged 55. She had been battling lung cancer for a long time and succumbed to the disease’s complications.

Social Media

Raquel Donofrio is active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where she likes posting pictures of herself and those of her kids. Through her Instagram posts, you can tell how much she is close to and loves her brother.