Porter Stracke is a young celebrity born in the United States. Her mother is Sutton Stracke, while her father is Christian Stracke. Porter Stracke has two siblings, namely James and Phillip. Porter Stracke is a Christian of Caucasian heritage.

Porter Stracke Education

Porter Stracke went to Marymount High School. The school is an all-girls catholic school situated in Los Angeles. After completing, she proceeded to the College of William & Mary in 2020.

Porter Stracke is pursuing a double major in French and history. The University is situated in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Porter Stracke’s Mother

Porter Stracke’s Mother, Sutton Stracke, is an American businesswoman, celebrity and media personality. She is famous for appearing in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Porter Stracke’s Mother was born and bred in Augusta, Georgia. Her father was an architect, practising in private service. On the other hand, her mother was a Veterans Administration social worker.

Porter Stracke’s Mother, Sutton Strack, went to Converse College, a South Carolina female college. Upon graduating, she relocated to New York in order to study dance. Sutton Strack worked at Cunningham Dance Foundation in New York as an associate development director in charge of fundraising. In addition, she also worked as Augusta Ballet’s executive director.

Porter Stracke’s Mother’s Career

Porter Stracke’s Mother, Sutton Stracke, joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in a recurring capacity in season 10. However, she became a full-time cast of the show from season 11 onwards. Porter Stracke’s Mother has a boutique in West Hollywood named The Sutton Concept.

Porter Stracke’s Father’s Early Life

Porter Stracke’s Father, Christian Stracke, was born in 1971 in Augusta, Georgia, United States. His mother is Claire Stracke, while Richard Stracke is his father. Christian Stracke’s mother worked at Davidson Fine Arts High School as a Spanish teacher. On the other hand, Christian Stracke’s father worked at Augusta State University, where he was an English professor.

Porter Stracke Father Education

Porter Stracke’s Father, Christian Stracke, went to Davidson Fine Arts High School situated in Augusta, Georgia. He later went to the University of Chicago, graduating with a degree in Political Science.

Porter Stracke’s Father also went to Leipzig University situated in Germany. At this institution, he graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting.

Porter Stracke Father Career

Porter Stracke’s Father, Christian Stracke, worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Oumm El Khezz, Mauritania, from 1992-1994. He taught about tree planting, anti-erosion techniques and strategic landscaping.

After returning to America, Porter Stracke’s Father, Christian Stracke, began working in the finance sector. He was CreditSights’s senior credit strategist before moving to Commerzbank Securities, where he worked as Head of Latin American Fixed Income Strategy.

Porter Stracke’s Father, Christian Stracke, began working at PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company, LLC in 2008. PIMCO is an investment management company.

Porter Stracke Parent’s Marriage

Sutton Stracke and Christian Stracke married in 2000. The two met at Davidson Fine Arts High School. However, their marriage lasted until 2016, when the two divorced.

Porter Stracke’s Mother’s Social Media Handles

Porter Stracke’s Mother, Sutton Strack, has a massive following on Instagram. Her account is @Sutton Stracke.