American actress Patricia Lee Lyon is best known for her roles in My Three Sons (1960), Blowing Hot and Cold (1989), and Country Love (1972). Born on 27th of August 1924 in Silverton, Marion County, Oregon, United States of America, she is a native of Los Angeles in the United States.

Lyon’s Spouse

In Troy, New York State, in the United States, on July 29, 1933, dance instructor Betty Simpson gave birth to Leonard Leroy Lee. He is a former actor who goes by the name Robert Fuller. He is probably best known for his work on the TV shows “Laramie,” “Wagon Train,” and “Emergency!”
Fuller, who went by the moniker “Buddy,” changed his identity to Robert Simpson, Jr. He went to Miami Military Academy, but he left when he was 14 years old. His family relocated to Hollywood, California, where Fuller worked as a stuntman, two years later. He was employed at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre concurrently, initially as a doorman and then as an assistant manager. He changed his name to Robert Fuller and joined the Screen Actors Guild.

Fuller’s Career Graph

In the movie “Above and Beyond” in 1952, Fuller received a little part. The young actor subsequently received numerous other small parts as a result, including in the 1953 movies “I Love Martin” and “Gentlemen Like Blondies.” After fighting in the American Army during the Korean War, Fuller enrolled in acting lessons taught by Richard Boone and pursued acting studies at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Drama in New York City in 1955. In the Civil War movie “Friendly Persuasion” from 1956, he had his first speaking part.
Fuller has worked as a vocalist in addition to acting. He recorded an LP in Germany in 1967, most of the songs being in the German language. For holiday celebrations in California, he also played several bandstand engagements with Bill Aken’s rock group, Los Nomadas, and sang a vocal cover of the 1950s song “Carrebean” at the Memorial Day Parade.
During the 1990s, Fuller had essentially left the movie industry. Fuller met her acting mentor, legendary producer and actor Norman Lloyd, who played Dr. Daniel Auschlander, through Savidge.

Marital Days

Fuller married Patricia Lee Lyon in his personal life in 1962. The couple had three kids before being divorced in 1984. Later, Lyon received a cancer diagnosis; he passed away in 1994. Fuller and Jennifer Savidge, an actress, have been wed since 2001. The family currently resides in Texas, where the actor runs a ranch and looks after farm animals. Fishing, hunting, and riding horses are some of his interests. He regularly goes to celebrations of Western heritage.
Robert Fuller and Patricia Lee Lyon were together for 22 years. After meeting in 1961, they dated for a year before getting engaged in 1962. They got divorced 22 years later, in 1984.


Robert Fuller and Patricia Lee Lyon had 3 children, Leonard Leroy, Christine and Patrick. Christine Fuller is known for his movies Cashback (2006), Cashback (2004) and Killing Zoe (1993). Patrick Fuller is known for High Voltage (1998) and The Division (2001).


In Yadkinville, North Carolina, Patricia Lyon passed away on December 8, 2019, at the age of 57.