In the world of entertainment, Kelli Giddish has made a name for herself as a talented American actress. Let’s delve into the details of Kelli Giddish’s net worth and explore her journey to success.

Kelli Giddish’s Estimated Net Worth: $8 Million

As of now, Kelli Giddish has an estimated net worth of $8 million. This substantial financial achievement is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Kelli Giddish was born in Cumming, Georgia, and from an early age, she showed a passion for the performing arts. During her high school years, she actively participated in theater productions, earning recognition with numerous regional acting honors. Her talent and determination paved the way for her future success.

After completing her high school education, Giddish pursued her passion for acting by attending the University of Evansville. She graduated with a degree in Theatre Performance, equipping her with the skills needed to thrive in the industry.

Professional Achievements and Rise to Fame

Giddish embarked on her professional on-camera career in New York City. She landed a role on the popular soap opera “All My Children” as Diana “Di” Henry, which she portrayed for two years. This marked the beginning of her successful journey in the entertainment industry.

In addition to her television work, Giddish also ventured into the world of film. She made appearances in movies such as “Witches of the Caribbean,” showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Throughout her career, Giddish has demonstrated her acting prowess in various film and television projects. Some notable mentions include “Damages,” “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Without a Trace,” “Death in Love,” “The Understudy,” “Life on Mars,” “Past Life,” “Chase,” and “The Good Wife.”

However, Giddish is most widely recognized for her co-starring role on the long-running television series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Her portrayal of Detective Amanda Rollins has earned her critical acclaim and has solidified her status as a talented and respected actress.

Personal Information and Profile

Here are some key details about Kelli Giddish:

  • Date of Birth: April 13, 1980 (43 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Cumming, Georgia
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
  • Profession: Actor
  • Nationality: United States of America


Kelli Giddish’s journey to success in the entertainment industry is a testament to her talent, hard work, and dedication. With an estimated net worth of $8 million, she has established herself as a prominent actress in both film and television.

As she continues to captivate audiences with her performances, it’s clear that Kelli Giddish’s success story is far from over. Her remarkable talent and impressive net worth serve as an inspiration to aspiring actors and actresses around the world.