Islah Koren Gates is the celebrity daughter of the American rapper and singer Kevin Gates. Kevin Gates and his wife, Dreka Gates, welcomed their daughter in 2012 and were happy to be parents. Islah Koren is the firstborn in her family, and she has followed in her parent’s footsteps in becoming a celebrity and gaining a following of over 60 thousand subscribers on the channel.

Isla Koren’s father released an album dedicated to her, and it hit number two on the US Billboard. As a result, many people have been interested in knowing the young beauty and how she is enjoying life.

Who is Islah Koren Gates?

Islah Koren Gates is a celebrity daughter famous for being Kevin Gates’s daughter. Islah was born on November 30, 2012, in the United States, and her parents were unmarried at the time of her birth. A few years after her birth, the family welcomed another family member, Khaza Gates, Islah’s younger brother.

Islah came into the limelight when her father released his debut studio album and named it after her. As a result, the album performed well and was ranked #2 in the US Billboard after being released.

Islah Koren’s Instagram profile describes her as an actress, although it is unclear if she has chosen to be an actress in the future. But with her massive following on Instagram, she may probably follow in her mother’s footsteps and be an influencer.

Sources have indicated that the young beauty is being homeschooled alongside her younger brother as they enjoy life in their home.

How Many Siblings Does Islah Koren Have?

Islah Koren has one biological brother named Khaza Gates. Islah’s brother was born on May 10, 2014, and they grew up with their parents.

Additionally, the rapper is believed to have other children besides Islah and Khaza. In an interview, Kevin Gates acknowledged having other kids, although he never mentioned how many. Islah’s father added that he loved his other kids and spent time with them often.

How Did Islah Koren Gates’s Parents Meet?

Islah’s parents have a long history; trusted sources indicate they met in high school. Although they loved each other, they chose to be in open relationships, allowing them to grow. They dated for fourteen years before they exchanged vows.

The couple welcomed their first child when they were in a relationship. Three years later, they walked down the aisle and chose to be a happy family in front of family and close friends.

Who is Islah Koren’s Mother?

Islah Koren Gates’s mother is called Dreka Gates, a celebrity Instagram influencer. Dreka has appeared in several songs by Kevin Gates, which led her to be an influencer. Islah’s mother has almost three million followers on Instagram, which has enabled her to perfect her influential role.

Moreover, Islah Koren Gates’ mother is a model and entrepreneur with several businesses. She sells clothes and cosmetic products, enabling her to take good care of her children and give them all the luxuries of life.